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The Best Acne Skin Care Treatment

If like many others you are desperate to get your acne treated in order to regain the skin you once had then using an acne skin care treatment is essential to the process. By reading through the tips provided below you should soon be back on the road to have that beautiful skin you had before you suffered from acne.

However it is important that first of all you know what acne is and then you will be able to treat it much better. A person suffers from acne because their sebaceous glands begin to produce too much oil and when combined with dead skin cells a person's pores will then become blocked. As the pores are blocked they are unable to breathe correctly and then bacteria sets in and so blackheads and whiteheads will begin to erupt on the person's skin.

In order to clean your face effectively whilst treating acne of any form you should not scrub it but rather gently wash it using a mild anti-bacterial soap or lotion.

Next you need to look at what you are eating and drinking. Many people do not realize this but what they eat and drink seriously affects their acne further. Therefore you should drink lots of fresh water each day. Not only will it help to remove all those unwanted toxins (which make a person's acne worse) from the body but it is probably the most inexpensive form of acne skin care treatment.You should also eat vegetables which contain high amounts of Vitamin A and will normally be bright orange or yellow or green in color. By eating plenty of these vegetables such as carrots, sweet corn and broccoli, cabbage etc, it will help you achieve a much better complexion on your skin.

Besides keeping the above points in mind, you should also consult your doctor.

They will be able to prescribe acne skin care treatment medications that you will not be able to find or purchase elsewhere. But as well as using the medication provided by your doctor you should look more closely at your dietary habits and make the necessary changes and do not forget to drink plenty of fresh water also.

By taking these steps in your acne skin care treatment program you should be on the road to seeing the results of your work in the mirror in a very short period of time.
by:Ricky Lee

Hope For Eczema & Psoriasis

A natural breakthrough in the treatment of eczema and psoriasis could offer relief for sufferers.
Skin complaints such as eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis affect one in seven people in the UK, equating to over 8 million sufferers. Common complaints range from mild itching to extreme cases where sufferers have excruciating raw skin and are unable to perform everyday activities. Loss of self-esteem and lack of confidence are the related psychological effects of having a skin complaint, and many outgoing, sociable people become withdrawn as a result of a skin condition, which can literally take over their lives.

There are many existing eczema and psoriasis treatments available on the market, but not all of them are suitable for all people, in all cases. Also, many people are concerned about the long term implications of using steroid based creams, such as hydrocortisone cream, which is known to thin the skin over time and can damage the dermis - the upper layer of the skin - permanently. Medical authorities are recommending stricter guidelines for prescribing antibiotics as bacteria are becoming increasingly resistant, and there is growing concern over many ‘added’ ingredients in cosmetics, such as parabens, which act as a preservative, because their long-term effects are unknown.

But now, Biomedical Research Scientist, Dr. Martin Schiele, and his team have forumlated a new range of treatments called Salcura, which are based on natural plant ingredients and garnered using ‘nanotechnology.’ Nanotechnology works by utilising the minute particles in natural ingredients to increase their surface area and make them more effective - which allows vital repair minerals to be easily absorbed, and the skin to utilise them more rapidly, to reduce healing time.

For people with the most common skin complaints of eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis and uticaria, the first line of treatment is the ‘Intensive’ spray. ‘Intensive’ is a colloidal spray which provides rapid relief from skin irritation such as itching and promotes repair of the skin. It contains a blend of natural plant extracts, omegas, essential oils and moisturisers to combat dryness and act as a natural antiseptic, promoting skin regeneration.

Intensive is unique as it is sprayed directly onto the affected area. Colloidal sprays are the most effective way of transferring the active ingredients to the dermis, epidermis and hypodermis. Beneficially, it does not require rubbing into the skin, ensuring a hygienic application and no further irritation.

Salcura Zeoderm+ is recommended following an Intensive Spray treatment. This naturally based moisturiser is a unique blend of nano minerals and nutrients which deeply moisturise dry, irritated skin and provide relief from itching. Simply apply to the affected area ten minutes after using Intensive Spray, to promote skin repair and reduce discomfort. The active ingredients in Zeoderm+ are ZeomaZ which is formed from natural volcanic micro minerals, linseed and Castor plant oil which together strengthen the elasticity and balance the pH of skin tissue. The active ingredients are already used in hospitals around the world as part of a class 1 wound care treatment regime.

Salcura Intensive and Zeoderm+ can be used by adults and children over 12 months. Ask your pharmacist for further details or visit to find out more.

Lasers hit home

Hand-held devices to treat hair loss, acne and wrinkles bypass the dermatologist's office. But will claims match consumers' high expectations?

LAURA BEARD was flipping through a women's magazine when an advertisement caught her eye. It sounded simple enough: Aim a laser at individual blemishes — in the privacy of one's home — and the skin will clear up within a day or two.

The cost, $150, gave her only slight pause. If the device worked, it would save her the time and money she spent on acne treatments and dermatologist visits for herself and her daughter. "I have very dry skin, so I have to be careful about using acne remedies with benzoyl peroxide," says the 53-year-old Memphis woman. "This sounded so positive."

With the evolution of laser technology, do-it-yourself personal care has entered a new realm. Consumers can now calm acne flare-ups, plump facial wrinkles and restore thinning hair with a variety of hand-held devices. Others in development could treat superficial wounds, relieve pain and remove body hair.

"This field will grow because we have discovered how to channel the power of light and cause reactions in the skin and hair," says John Carullo, director of marketing for Sunetics, manufacturer of a hair-regrowth device. "It's quite an exciting industry, and it's on the verge of exploding."

Home hair and skin appliances using lasers or, in some cases, heat, can spare consumers from tiresome trips to the doctor's office and may be less costly, over time, than monthly in-office facials and hair treatments. But they won't work the same kind of magic that can be conjured up with more high-powered tools. And some may even be a waste of money.

"It's a matter of degree," says Dr. Harold Brody, a clinical professor of dermatology at Emory University in Atlanta. "If people are trying to treat mild conditions, it may help. But if it's something severe, they will need the help of a dermatologist."

The popularity of in-home treatments mirrors the use of medical devices by physicians, says Dr. Wendy E. Roberts, a Rancho Mirage dermatologist and assistant professor of medicine at Loma Linda University Medical Center. "I think eventually these could be effective for home use," she says. "But right now, there are questions about the efficacy of some of these systems. There's a lot of hype."

Consumers may have especially high expectations for home lasers.

Lasers release a special form of light in a single wavelength; by contrast, normal daylight consists of varying wavelengths. Hot lasers, the kind used by health professionals in the treatment of skin resurfacing and tattoo removal, are high-energy devices that cause heat damage to the skin, triggering a healing response.

Cool lasers are sometimes called low-level lasers or low-level light therapy. This type of laser doesn't damage tissue and is safe to use at home. They work by passing a beam of light through the skin to reach cells below the skin's surface and stimulate the body's natural healing processes. Energy produced by cool lasers appears to prompt the production of collagen and ATP (the energy source needed for cellular functions), promote blood circulation and boost the release of growth factors and the removal of waste products from cells.

"I sincerely doubt any of these things are so aggressive that they would produce side effects," says Brody. "But the effectiveness is going to be mild too."

Consumers may think that Food and Drug Administration clearance means the devices work similarly to those used by doctors. But FDA clearance of this type means only that the manufacturer has submitted some data showing effectiveness for the device's intended purpose. Usually this means the device is based on similar, proven technology. Devices that do not have FDA clearance may only be proven as safe.

For example, devices to stimulate hair regrowth for balding men have been sold over-the-counter for years although manufacturers couldn't claim the devices helped regrow hair. The approval in February for the HairMax LaserComb was a milestone because the manufacturer produced scientific data to show the product had some effect in growing hair.

But not every light-based hair and skin device has received FDA clearance.

"Consumers need to ask enough questions to make sure what they are getting is truly efficacious," says Dr. Mark Solomon, a plastic surgeon in Philadelphia and spokesman for the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. "Over-the-counter devices don't hurt anybody, so you can sell them. But that doesn't mean they work."

The American Cancer Society has warned that low-level light therapy products in particular are being touted for conditions for which there is little or no proof that they help, such as pain relief, inflammation, smoking cessation, herpes, high blood pressure and migraines.

But the devices are becoming more visible in the marketplace. Sunetics is marketing its laser hair brush for $399. Next month the firm will also begin selling the device with a removable head that can be replaced with one of four attachments (each costing $250) for use on acne, facial wrinkles, skin pigmentation and pain relief/wound healing. Each attachment contains a diode that produces a specific wavelength of light targeted to treat a particular condition, Carullo says.

Although there is some research supporting the effects of low-level laser therapy for hair regrowth and acne, there is little or no data to support other uses, Roberts says.

Consumers should seek a doctor's advice for persistent skin or hair problems, Brody says. A home device could lighten a skin lesion that is actually a melanoma skin cancer or remove scaling skin, the symptom of another type of skin cancer.

"Safety is paramount," he says. "You don't want to delay a diagnosis."
By Shari Roan, Times Staff Writer

Natural signal holds promise for psoriasis, age-related skin damage

Phosphatidylglycerol, a natural body lipid or fat, may hold the secret to normalizing skin cell growth that is over zealous in psoriasis and non-melanoma skin cancers and too slow in aging and sun-damaged skin, says Dr. Wendy B. Bollag, cell physiologist at the Medical College of Georgia. Credit: Medical College of Georgia
Her research, published online in The Journal of Investigative Dermatology, helps piece together the signaling pathway that prompts skin cells to stop multiplying and start differentiating.

Perhaps most importantly it shows that bypassing that pathway – one researchers suspect becomes dysfunctional in diseases like psoriasis – and giving the signal itself restores normal differentiation of skin cells or keratinocytes.

The findings prompted Dr. Bollag and John Edwards, CEO of Apeliotus Technologies of Atlanta, to seek National Institutes of Health funding for yearlong study in animal models of mild psoriasis to see if it works, with human trials as the goal. “Proof of principle is the first phase. If in vivo data looks promising, we’ll put together a study we can take into the clinic,” says Dr. Bollag. She and Apeliotus received an NIH Small Business Technology Transfer grant, which supports small businesses collaborating with U.S. research institutions to develop technologies and methodologies with commercial potential.

A Georgia Research Alliance Industry Partnership Grant will allow parallel studies in animal models of chronological aging and photoaging from too much sun exposure, Dr. Bollag says.

MCG and Apeliotus will work with Avanti® Polar Lipids, Inc., of Alabaster, Ala., which has a chicken-egg derived phosphatidylglycerol used primarily for lipid research. Avanti is developing different phosphatidylglycerol ointments or salves for the new studies. Dr. Bollag notes that the lipid, already used as drug-delivery mechanism in humans, has been ingested at higher doses, so she believes lower doses applied externally will be safe.

Glycerol, a precursor of phosphatidylglycerol, also is available commercially and used in many skin care products because it’s long been known to help skin retain moisture, so it looks and feels better. “We think that, yes, it’s a water attractor, but we think it also has this additional role as a precursor for an important lipid signal in the skin,” says Dr. Bollag. Naturally occurring glycerol is an important precursor for many things such as fat, phospholipids, various sugars and metabolic pathways in the body. “Glycerol levels go up when you exercise, because you are using fats as fuel.”

She’s shown that the channel, aquaporin-3, delivers glycerol to phospholipase D, resulting in the skin cell differentiation signal, phosphatidylglycerol. “This is serving as a signal, like an elevator operator who says, ‘This way for normal keratinocyte differentiation,’” says Dr. Bollag. “That’s good because without it, you get abnormal differentiation in skin diseases like psoriasis, non-melanoma skin cancer, some of the dermatitises; in a lot of these conditions, the cells proliferate too much and don’t differentiate properly. We think maybe in psoriasis, the phospholipase D and aquaporin-3 become disconnected so now they can’t produce phosphatidylglycerol. If you only put glycerol on it, it may not help.” But it looks as though the signal does.

Her newest research, done in mouse skin cells in culture, showed that aquaporin-3 manipulation impacted phosphatidylglycerol generation. “The glycerol was coming through aquaporin. If we blocked it, we stopped glycerol from coming through and we also blocked phosphatidylglycerol. Then we started manipulating the various players. We did some over expression of aquaporin and showed it promoted differentiated status of the keratinocytes.

“Then we wondered what would happen if we actually gave phosphatidylglycerol itself, so we bypassed the whole aquaporin-phospholipase D system and we saw some interesting results.”

Phosphatidylglycerol inhibited growth of rapidly growing skin cells and increased growth in slow-growing cells. MCG has a patent pending on the ability of phosphatidylglycerol to normalize skin cell function.

“The key is cells are supposed to proliferate in this one layer,” she says of the basal layer, where a skin cell divides, with one staying to divide again and the other expressing different genes, proteins and functions as it moves toward the surface. Without phosphatidylglycerol, cells can proliferate too much and differentiate improperly, Dr. Bollag explains.

“Right before cells reach the layer that we actually see, called the cornified layer, they spit out lipids they synthesize to make the water permeability barrier then they basically die. But they leave behind these hard shells that give skin its mechanical strength. When you get older, you don’t turn it over as well,” Dr. Bollag says, explaining why despite ongoing cell turnover old skin looks, well, old.

Source: Medical College of Georgia


Jagung muda selain enak di sayur dan dibakar, juga bisa dijadikan obat. Jika baru terkena cacar atau untuk menghilangkan bekas cacar di tubuh, parutlah terlebih dahulu jagung muda tersebbut, lalu gosokkan secara merata mulai wajah sampai kaki atau bagian tubuh yang berbintik merah. Lakukan menjelang tidur secara rutin. Selamat mencoba!!!!!!!


Sariawan termasuk penyakit mulut yang menjengkelkan. Memang tanpa diobati sariawan akan sembuh dengan sendirinya, tetapi prosesnya lama. Ada baiknya anda gunakan madu untuk mempercepat proses penyembuhannya. Caranya sangat mudah: oleskan madu murni pada luka sariawan dan juga minum madu 3x sehari 2 sendok makan.


Apel adalah salah satu buah multi khasiat, diantaranya:
Jika rutin mengkonsumsi buah apel, kelangsingan tubuh akan terjaga.
Untuk bronchitis: dua buah apel didiris menjadi delapan. Campurkan sedikit gula, beri satu liter air lalu rebus selama 15 menit. Minum diantara waktu makan. Bagi yang mengidap darah tinggi, dilarang minum!!!
Jika kita demam, buah apel dimakan sebanyak 500-1500 gram selama dua hari
Untuk yang sering masuk angin dan diare, biasakan secara teratur setiap harinya makan apel.
Untuk yang sulit ke belakang: makanlah apel setiap hari sebuah apel sebelum tidur
Untuk membersihkan darah dan menghaluskan kulit, biasakan mengkonsumsi apel setiap hari.


Ingin bibir kita tidak kering dan berwarna merah alami serta lembut, olesi dengan madu lebah murni secara merata sebelum tidur, biarkan sampai pagi hari, stelah pagi baru dibersihkan dengan air bersih biasa, lakukan perawatan ini secara rutin, niscaya dalam waktu 1 minggu hasilnya sudah kelihatan.


Bunga melati selain baunya harum dan canti untuk rangkaian bunga, bunga kebanggaan wanita Indonesia ini ternyata juga bermanfaat untuk membuat mata kita lebih bercahaya.
Caranya: ambillah beberapa bunga melati lantas rendam dalam 1 gelas air air bersih. Rendaman itu didiamkan 1 malam suntuk. Esok paginya baru dipakai untuk merembang mata. Lakukan 3x seminggu, niscaya mata anda akan kelihatan segar dan cemerlang.


Mrendam kaki dengan air hangat ternyata banyak manfaatnya yaitu bermanfaat untuk meringankan penyumbatan di dalam hidung. Sinus-sinus membantu mereka yang menderita kaki dingin agar lebih hangat,serta bermanfaat untuk menghilangkan ketegangan urat saraf.
Caranya adalah sangat sederhana, ambil saja ember dan isi air hangat secukupnya dan jaga temperatur air jangan terlalu panas, ditambah dengan garam sedikit dalam air tersebut. Kemudian rendam kedua kaki anda dalam ember tadi sambil duduk, sampai rasa sakit perlahan-lahan hilang.


Ambilah sebuah jeruk nipis, belah menjadi dua bagian. Lalu gosokkan sambil ditekan-tekan pada bagian yang urat-uratnya menonjol karena varises. Lakukan perawatan ini setiap malam sebelum tidur.


Merasa jengkel sekali kalau melihat kulit kaki menjadi kering dan bersisik, rasanya jadi tak leluasa untuk bergerak. Naun tak perlu risau, ambil mentimun lalu potong, nah getah yang keluar dari mentimun itu gosokkan pada kaki anda yang kering dan bersisik, tunggu bebarapa menit lalu bilas dengan air dingin biasa. Jika rajin menggosoknya beberapa hari kemudian pasti kulit kaki anda menjadi halus.


1 buah alpukat
Buah alpukat yang banyak mengandung lemak berkhasiat untuk memperbaiki kulit kaki yang bersisik karena kekeringan.
Daging buah alpukat dilumatkansampai halus, lalu balurkan secara merata pada kulit kaki yang sudah dibersihkan. Diamkan kira-kira 30 menit kemudian dibersihkan dengan air hangat.


Jika kita sering terlalu di air, misalnya karena harus mencuci pakaian, biasanya kulit pada tumit kkai jadi pecah-pecah dan mengeras. Hal ini menjadikan penampilan kaki kurang menarik, mengurangi rasa percaya diri apalagi kalau harus mengenakan sandal atau sepatu yang terbuka.
Resep cantik ini bisa membantu mengatasi masalah tersebut, caranya dengan olesi tumit kaki yang pecah-pecah dengan getah pepaya yang yang masih muda. Lalukan pengobatan secara rutin, dalam waktu yang tidak lama pasti tumit anda akan kembali mulus.


1 buah labu siam
Labu siam banyak mengandung getah serta zat-zat seperti protein, lemak, kalsium, fosfor, dan besi yang berkhasiat untuk menyembuhkan tumit yang pecah-pecah
Labu siam dipotong getahnya lalu dioleskan pada tumit yang pecah-pecah. Biarkan sampai kering, baru dicuci sampai bersih dengan air dingin.


Telur ayam kampung : 1 butir
Kunyit : sebesar ibu jari tangan
Madu lebah : 1 sendok makan
Air jeruk nipis : 1 sendok makan
Telura ayam diambil kuningnya saja kemudian dikocok dalam gelas. Kunyit dikupas kulitnya dicuci bersih lalu diparut. Parutan kunyit diremas-remas dengan air masak yang dingin sebanyak 5 sendok makan saja. Kemudian diperas airnya dan disaring. Lalu semua bahan dimasukkan dan dikocok dalam gelas. Lakukan perawatan minum jamu ini seminggu 2-3 kali.


Mulut yang berbau tidak enak menjadikan dalam pergaulan kurang bebas dan mengurangi rasa percaya diri, karena kita bisa dijauhi oleh teman. Bau ini bisa disebabkan dari lendir yang terdapat dalam kerongkongan membusuk dan kurang rajin menggosok gigi. Untuk menghilangkan bau mulut ini, ada resep cantik yang bisa dipraktekkan:
Daun sirih : 7 lembar
Kapulaga : 10 biji
Adas : 1 sendok teh
Gula pasir : secukupnya
Air : 3 gelas
Semua bahan direbus sampai airnya tinggal 1 ½ gelas. Kalau sudah suam-suam kuku baru diminum.


Ada sebagian wanita, terutama yang masih gadis kalau akan haid perut terasa sakit, sampai betul-betul tidak tertahan rasa sakitnya. Hal ini disebabkan kare
na penyempitan pada indung telur dan kurang olah raga.
Untuk menguarangi rasa sakit tersebut, ada ramuan tradisional yang bisa kita manfaatkan, yaitu:
a.Temu lawak : 1 ons
b.Asam : 1 tangkai
c.Gula merah : secukupnya
d.Garam dapur : secukupnya
e.Air : 3 gelas
Caranya: temu lawak dikupas dicuci dan diiris tipis-tipis, rebus dengan tiga gelas air dan tinggalkan 1 ½ gelas, setelah menjadi hangat suam-suam kuku lalu diminum. Lakukan pengobatan ini tiap akan datang bulan.


Bagi wanita yang memiliki payudara kecil, tentu akan mengurangi rasa percaya diri, dan bagi ibu-ibu yang sudah melahirkan serta menyusui anaknya tentu payudaranya akan menjadi kendor tidak kencang seperti masih gadis.
Resep cantik ini, bisa membantu mengatasi permasalahan tersebut. Caranya: ambil beberapa kacang panjang yang biasa untuk disayur, kemudian kacang panjang tersebut ditumbuk yang halus, kalau tumbukan kacang panjang tersebut sudah lembut dan halus balurkan ke seluruh payudara hingga merata, tapi sebelumnya payaudara dikompres dengan air hangat disapukan dengan handuk kecil. Tapi jangan sampai kena pada putting. Lakukan pekerjaan ini seminggu dua kali.


Apel merupakan salah satu sumber flavonol atau jenis antioksidan kuat. Quersitin adalah flavonol utama dalam apel, yang sering dihubungkan dengan penurunan resiko penggumpalan darah dan stroke. Quersitin mampu mengatasi radikal bebas dan membantu mencegah terjadinya penggumpalan darah yang menghambat arteri. Apel juga mengandung pektin yang membantu menurunkan tingkat kolesterol darah dan mengusir racun penyebab kanker dari tubuh.


Seperti milk thistle brokoli meningkatkan kadar glutathione, ditambah mengubah toksin kimia seperti estrogen menjadi bentuk estrogen yang lebih aman. Hasilnya menurut Shari Lieberman, Ph.D.,dalam buku The Users Guide to Detoxification, menurunkan resiko kanker payudara.(diolah dari berbagai sumber)


Lingkungan yang terpolusi membuat tubuh kita mendapat banyak racun atau toksin. Mulai dari pestisida sampai logam berat yang dapat mengakibatkan timbulnya penyakit berbahaya, antara lain kanker. Tetapi hal tersebut dapat diatasi dengan memanfaatkan tanaman yang ada di sekitar kita seperti: buah apel.
Menurut Elson Haas, M.D., dalam buku the New Detox Diet, serat laruta apel yang dikenal sebagai pectin, mengangkut logam berat keluar dari tubuh dan membuat usus lebih alkaline menurunkan inflamasi penyebab penyakit. Caranya cukup dengan makan apel 1 buah sehari.(disadur dari beberapa sumber).


Putih telur ayam kampung
Mengencangkan wajah
Putih telur dicampur dengan madu dan jeruk nipis. Lalu gunakan pada wajah selama 10 menit atau hingga mengeras di wajah. Setelah itu bersihkan dengan air hangat. Gunakan secara rutin dua minggu sekali.


Selama ini kita mengenal beras sekedar makanan pokok yang harus dikonsumsi setiap harinya setelah dimasak menjadi nasi, karena kandungan karbohidratnya bisa membuat tubuh kuat dan tidak merasa lapar. Tetapi beras juga bisa membuat wajah kita halus dan putih bersih, caranya bisa dijadikan masker atau bedak dingin. Resep cantik dibawah ini menjelaskan tentang beras digunakan sebagai masker wajah.
Memutihkan dan mengencangkan kulit
Beras direndam selama semalam, lalu ditumbuk sampai halus hingga menjadi bubuk. Lalu dijemur hingga kering, bisa dicampur madu jadikan seperti masker bedak. Setelah rata di pakai tunggu sekitar 20 menit lalu bilas dengan air dingin.


Aloe vera adalah jenis tanaman yang multi khasiat, selain menyuburkan rambut, melentikan bulu mata, aloe vera atau yang lebih kita kenal lidah buaya, bisa juga dimanfaatkan sebagai masker untuk wajah.
Aloe vera
Salahsatu manfaat aloe vera sebagai masker adalah menghaluskan wajah dan bisa mengencangkan kulit.
Lendir aloe vera diambil, langsung oleskan pada wajah secara merata, tunggu sampai mengering lalu bilas dengan air hangat. Lakukan perawatan ini secara rutin selama 2 minggu berturut-turut, maka hasilnya akan kelihatan.


Pisang ambon
Untuk menghaluskan kulit dan mengencangkan kulit
Pisang ambon dilumatkan sampai lembut, lalu beri madu sedikit kemudian oleskan ke seluruh wajah secara merata, tunggu beberapa menit, setelah kering bilas dengan air hangat.

A New Era In Skin Care Is Beginning

Recent clinical trials confirm the effectiveness of using laser light combined with light activated cosmeceuticals in reversing the visible signs of aging.

The Cantor Research Study showed that participants using the Laser Enhanced Skin Care System designed by Nulase International revealed significant improvement in overall skin condition and appearance after just six to eight weeks of use. Study participants ranging in age from 43 to 64 noted a significant and visible reduction in lines/wrinkles, age spots, freckles, discoloration as well as roughness/dryness. Tone, hue, and skin elasticity and firmness clearly improved as well.

According to an industry expert, light devices are one of the fastest growing segments of the cosmeceutical market, projected to grow from $150 million to $1 billion by the year 2010. The Nulase System is actually the first physician formulated Laser Enhanced skin care system designed for home use that uses this technology.

The patent pending Nulase System combines the healing power of its low-level laser light with specially formulated cosmeceuticals containing light activated marine enzymes to fight wrinkles, scarring, sun damage, and other signs of aging. Once available only through skin care professionals, Nulase was designed to put laser technology in the palm of your hand -- in the comfort and privacy of your home.

Nulase can be used everyday. It's also a great follow-up to heal and maintain results from treatments like facials, microdermabrasion, and chemical peels. The Soft Touch Laser emits a safe and gentle laser light that oscillates in a uniform parallel wave length targeting skin cells. It gently stimulates cellular energy for an enriching and dynamic effect. Simple, safe, and easy to use, Nulase stimulates skin's rejuvenation process in a natural non-invasive way without irritation or redness.

Clinically-Proven REVALESKIN Changes Face Of Skin Care

The battle to minimize fine lines, wrinkles and sun spots through non-invasive treatments just got easier with the launch of REVALESKIN.

REVALESKIN is the first and only professional line of skin care products exclusively formulated with CoffeeBerry, the most powerful naturally occurring antioxidant found today. With daily use, REVALESKIN has been clinically proven to improve overall skin fitness by enhancing skin tone, diminishing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, as well as skin pigmentation from sun exposure and decreasing some signs of skin inflammation in as little as three weeks. Manufactured and marketed by Stiefel Laboratories, Inc., REVALESKIN is now available exclusively through the offices of aesthetic physicians nationwide.

"REVALESKIN can improve the skin's appearance so quickly because its primary ingredient, CoffeeBerry, is abundant in four powerful polyphenol antioxidants which help prevent and reduce superficial damage from sun exposure and free radicals," said Jim Hartman, senior vice president, U.S. sales and marketing, Stiefel Laboratories. "It's having four polyphenols -- chlorogenic acid, condensed proanthocyanidins, quinic acid and ferulic acid -- that makes the CoffeeBerry even more potent than such robust antioxidants as green tea, pomegranates, blueberries, vitamin C and vitamin E."

The REVALESKIN line is a convenient three-step system comprised of a day cream containing SPF 15 sunscreen, a night cream and a facial cleanser. The suggested pricing on the skin care line will range between $40 and $110.

Two studies were conducted, initially by David McDaniel, M.D. (director, Institute of Anti-Aging Research, Virginia Beach, Virginia) and then by Zoe Diana Draelos, M.D. (primary investigator, Dermatology Consulting Service, High Point, North Carolina) to test the validity of the ingredient CoffeeBerry. The results were statistically significant. The first study showed that the REVALESKIN regime improved the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles without any adverse events or allergic reactions. Draelos reaffirmed McDaniel's findings in her 12-week study with 50 females ages 30 to 50 mild to moderate photoaging.

"During our study, we began to see improvement in skin texture after three weeks of application," said Draelos. "After 12 weeks of use, there was a statistically significant improvement in overall skin appearance as characterized by better skin tone and increased skin brightness.

"Skin care should be considered part of daily health maintenance much like exercise, teeth brushing, and taking vitamins," Draelos continued. "Skin is the largest body organ and represents what we present first to the world; it should be treated with the utmost care. Men and women need to do everything they can to protect and maintain skin health." What Is the CoffeeBerry?

CoffeeBerry is the fruit of the coffee plant (coffea arabica) from which the commonly known coffee bean is derived. When harvested at a sub-ripe growth stage, the flesh of the fruit is at peak antioxidant concentration offering the extract CoffeeBerry that is comprised of chlorogenic acid, condensed proanthocyanidins, quinic acid and ferulicacid. Because of this potent composition, the CoffeeBerry dramatically outperforms even powerful antioxidants like green tea on the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity (ORAC) scale by more than 1200 percent.

REVALESKIN is the first and only professional anti-aging line of skin care products exclusively formulated with the powerful natural antioxidant ingredient CoffeeBerry. The system includes a day cream with SPF 15 sunscreen, and a night cream, both with 1 percent CoffeeBerry, and a facial cleanser with 0.1 percent CoffeeBerry. REVALESKIN has been proven to be non-irritating and non-comedogenic as well as clinically, dermatologist -- and allergy-tested.

Spa Sentiments Introduces All Natural Skin Care Products

More and more people are realizing that they need to eat the right foods and use the right products for their body, and this has many more looking into natural skin care products than ever before. Many people suffer from eczema, which can be a very irritating and sometimes painful skin condition. Spa Sentiments now offers a product that can help heal the skin and minimize flare-ups

Cordova, Tennessee (IPRWIRE) Fri, Jun. 22nd, 2007 -- Spa Sentiments ( is proud to announce their new Natural Eczema Cream. This is a great addition to their extensive line of natural skin care products. This new product works to penetrate deep into the skin, providing the moisture the body craves while helping to relieve eczema symptoms. Anyone who suffers from this skin condition knows that it can be painful and unsightly. Since there is no known cure, a good skin care treatment can be vital in dealing with troublesome side effects associated with eczema.

The problem with many skin care products currently on the market to treat eczema is that they are often full of petrochemicals, formaldehydes, parabens and filler ingredients that can actually irritate the skin instead of providing the relief that is intended. Eczema can appear just about anywhere on the body including the face, neck, knees, ankles, scalp, and even the hands. Millions of people suffer from this condition ranging from the really young to the really old. For this reason, it is important for those who suffer to find a product that really works.

When asked why consumers should choose the natural skin care products that are offered by Spa Sentiments, the company says, "Our aim – and what makes us so different from other companies – is to use as many organic and wild crafted ingredients as possible to provide the purest, most natural, paraben free products, while at the same time keeping our prices affordable so our customers can indulge in home spa treatments more often!"

The company is pleased to announce their new Natural Eczema Cream because it contains only natural ingredients such as comfrey extract, organic shea butter, jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, apricot kernel oil and patchouli essential oil. These ingredients work to soothe, heal and alleviate the dry, flaky, irritated skin usually associated with eczema.

Spa Sentiments is committed to providing consumers with natural, toxin-free products for treating both the face and body. To learn more about these unique products, visit

About Spa Sentiments:
Spa Sentiments was originally founded in 1998 as Bodies By Design. The company’s focus is on natural skin care products and natural spa products made from fresh, pure, and helpful ingredients.

( by Press Release )

Natural skin care formula targets dry skin

Spa Sentiments has launched a natural-based skin care formula aimed at tackling dry skin conditions such as eczema by providing both moisture and ingredients that soothe the rash associated with the conditioner.

The company says that the new formulae can help to minimize the often painful and unsightly flare-ups associated with the conditions, which can affect all areas of the skin, particularly the joints.

It is launching the line because more and more people suffering from this condition are looking for natural-based treatments, as opposed to prescription products which often contain harsh chemicals and drugs such as steroids

The company says that its Natural Eczema Cream is an addition to its extensive natural skin care portfolio and builds on its philosophy of providing natural formulations that are less likely to cause irritation or reactions.

"The problem with many skin care products currently on the market to treat eczema is that they are often full of petrochemicals, formaldehydes, parabens and filler ingredients that can actually irritate the skin instead of providing the relief that is intended," a company spokesperson said.

In particular these chemicals can exacerbate eczema, which is an allergy-related condition, only serving to make the rash more aggravated, and often painfull.
Furthermore, millions of people suffer from this condition in the US, the majority being infants and young children, but often the condition carries on well into adult years and can even re-appear in old age.

Eczema, also known as atopic dermatitis (AD), is one of the first signs of allergy during the early days of life and is said to be due to delayed development of the immune system. According to the American Academy of Dermatologists it affects between 10 to 20 percent of all infants, but almost half of these kids will 'grow out' of eczema between the ages of five and 15.

"Our aim - and what makes us so different from other companies - is to use as many organic and wild crafted ingredients as possible to provide the purest, most natural, paraben free products," the company added.

The formula contains natural ingredients such as comfrey extract, organic shea butter, jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, apricot kernel oil and patchouli essential oil, which all work to penetrate the skin deep enough to provide thorough moisturizing, soothe the skin and help heal the dry flaky skin associated with the condition.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Give Yourself a French Manicure and Pedicure

Getting a professional looking french manicure and pedicure is nice, but can be pricey at the salon. Giving yourself an at-home French manicure and pedicure is much less expensive and easier than you think.

French Manicure

· Begin by removing any old nail polish with a cotton ball or pad.

· Next, exfoliate your hands with either a salt or sugar scrub and then rinse thoroughly. By exfoliating, you’ll remove any dead skin on your hands and leave them feeling soft and looking smooth.

· Apply a cuticle cream or drop of sweet almond oil to your cuticles. Leave on for a few minutes and then using an orange wooden stick, carefully push back cuticles until they are all even with each other. Rinse your nails with warm water.

· With a pair of nail clippers and an emery board, trim and shape your nails evenly. The best way to shape nails is to keep them straight across the tips and round on the edges. Never file nails back and forth across the nail. Doing so can damage nails. Instead, move the board in one direction when filing.

· Next, apply a clear base coat over each of your nails and allow a few minutes to dry. A base coat will help strengthen nails.

· Once the base coat is dry, apply one or two coats of a stark or off white nail polish on the nail tip and allow polish to dry between coats. If you’re worried about getting the polish past your nail tips, there are nail guides available to help you. Simply apply the guides to the edge where your nail bed meets the tip and apply your polish where the guide and tip start.

· Next, apply a translucent pink or nude polish over the entire nail and allow to dry completely.

· Finally, apply a clear topcoat for shine and added protection to your french manicure.

French Pedicure

· First, remove any old nail polish from your toes with a nail polish remover.

· Next, soak your feet in a tub of warm water. You can add a sweet almond oil to soften feet, if you’d like. While you’re at it, use a pumice stone to smooth away dead skin cells, then rinse feet thoroughly.

· Use a cuticle cream or oil to gently push back cuticles.

· Next, trim toe nails straight across with toenail clippers. Using an emery board, carefully smooth away any sharp edges.

· Place a toe foam separator between toes and apply one base coat of clear nail polish.

· Once the base coat has dried, apply a white nail polish across the tips of your toes. If you need to, use a set of french manicure guide tips to help you with this process. Apply the guide at the base of your toe just before the nail tip and polish starting at the edge of the guide where it meets the tip.

· Apply a translucent pink or nude nail color over the entire toenail. Allow to dry before apply a second coat.

· Finally, apply a top coat to give your new french manicure shine and protection.

That’s it! Now all you need to do is to go out and show it off to the world!


Selain enak untuk dimakan, buah pepaya juga bermanfaat untuk menghilangkan jerawat, regenerasi sel dan pepaya yang sudah matang mengandung pectin, karoten. Pepaya memang sangat bagus untuk tubuh kita .
Pepaya dihaluskan dengan blender. Boleh dicampur dengan jeruk nipis. Setelah halus,tempelkan pada wajah selama 15-20 menit, lalu bilas wajah dengan air hangat, menggunakan wash lap. Gunakan secara rutin 2x dalam seminggu.


Buah nanas
Nanas kaya kandungan vitamin A dan C, berkhasiat mengelupas kulit mati, mempercepat regerasi sel, dan membentuk lapisan kulit baru yang lebih segar.
Nanas dikupas kulitnya, dan diparut. Lalu oleskan pada wajah, dan diamkan selama 5-10 menit, setelah kering lalu dibersihkan. Jika rutin melakukan pekerjaan ini dalam waktu 2 bulan terlihat hasilnya.


Madu Murni
Madu mempunyai kandungan glukosa, protein, vitamin yang berfungsi melembutkan dan memberi gizi pada kulit. Bisa juga digunakan sebagai pelembab dan krim antikeriput
Oleskan madu keseluruh wajah, memang madu lengket dan memakainya terasa tidak nyaman, tapi jika rutin memakainya kulit wajah akan halus dan lembut. Setelah masker madu kering, lalu bilas dengan air hangat.


smooth skin with almond?why not...
Almond mengandung mineral, vitamin A dan B, asam oleat yang dapt menghaluskan kulit kasar
Hancurkan sekitar 50 gr almound kupas dengan mortal. Kocok 3 sendok susu full fat sampai membentuk pasta halus. Oleskan pada wajah dan biarkan sampai kering sekitar 5-10 menit. Kemudian bersihkan dengan air hangat. Masker ini dapat digunakan 1 minggu sekali.

Is Your Hair Color Linked To Your Sex Appeal?

So we hear it all the time, “Blondes have more fun. Red-heads are sexy. Brunettes are intellectual. Black hair is brooding.” Just about anyone can complete the phrases about hair color and their “affect” on the human race. But is it true?

We’re a subjective culture. Clichés, advertising and trends often determine what we think more than our own opinions and preferences – reel against it if you must, but you know it’s true. Take a look at a Victoria’s Secret catalogue or the cover of any popular fashion magazine from the 70’s and you’ll see that feathered, blonde hair was sexy. Now look at those same magazines or the Big Screen and your opinion has changed; brunette is the new blonde. The color of sexy is often determined by who’s wearing it – models, actresses, singers, anyone in the spot light or on the red carpet become today’s hottest trend.

And who are we really talking about when we talk changing hair color? Women. So, it’s largely the guys who decide what the sexiest colors are. Ask your guy who he thinks is hot stuff in Hollywood, and then ask what his favorite hair color is. I’ll bet they match.

Trends, television, fashion mags… what it all comes down to is sex appeal is about confidence. How many times have you been surprised to notice that a woman you thought had real appeal is really not that beautiful up close? Sex-appeal is determined by the way you carry yourself, by what you know makes you stand out or stand up. So back to the question at hand, is your hair color linked to your sex appeal?

Ask yourself these questions to find out:

What is the first thing people notice about you?

If you’ve ever colored your hair, what color made you feel most confident? Why?

Is your hair color part of your appearance, like a new pair of great fitting jeans?

No matter what color your hair is, do you have a good time and put yourself out there for the world to see?

If you answered, “My hair” to the first question then your sex appeal is linked largely to your hair. That’s okay, but take a good look at yourself every now and then and see qualities that aren’t fleeting – like are you kind, trustworthy, a good listener.

If you can identify with the next two questions, you’re sex appeal is affected by your hair color, but you’re balanced.

If you’re all about the last question, “You go, girl!” You’ve found that sex appeal is about you and what makes you You.

No matter where you fit, a good stylist is like platinum and diamonds and there’s nothing a few highlights can’t cure… or at least make you forget about long enough to shop!

Summer Hair Fashion Forcast 2007

So what is hot this summer for hair fashion? Bold colors and designs that make a statement are really getting attention. It is not so much about a certain length, but how you hair is cut that matters. The same is true of hair color. The key here is shade selection and placement.

Let`s start by talking about the haircuts for summer. If there were one common characteristic it would have to be layers. I know you are probably thinking so what’s new about layers, but it is how they are done that is important. Think seamless scattered and soft, that’s right, no weight lines or hard edges just soft free flowing hair. For shorter lengths think fringed edges with a longer top textured to blend seamlessly into the foundation. For medium lengths the description I like is anti-Bob. It is easy for medium length hair to look frumpy, keeping the weight in the upper half of the haircut is the key here. Picture a full top and a small bottom. For long hair shattered face frames with scattered interior layers are hot. But the real head turners this season are those not afraid to go all out with hair color.

For so long there were really only three ways to color hair: you could color your full hair, get your hair semi highlighted or get it fully highlighted . That has all changed with a new approach to hair color called Block Coloring. It utilizes panels of color making shade selection and placement even more important. Instead of coloring small woven strands of hair, you literally lay colors next to one another. You can achieve any effect from the most subtle blending of shades to high contrast super impact colors.

Great color combinations for the summer are Dark Mahogany with Medium Auburn and Golden Brown. In the medium color range Cool brown, Dark Copper Blonde and Golden Blonde work great together. And for those addicted to blonde, Natural Ash Blonde, Pale Golden Blonde and Platinum placed strategically throughout will definitely turn heads.

So to bring it all home for summer’s hottest hair fashion you have to think hair color and cut. The more simple and understated the hair cut the more dynamic the color needs to be. However, if you are wearing a strong shape with a bit of an edge you can play it a little safer with the color. Have fun and don’t be afraid to play a little.

What’s NOT HOT? All one-length hair tucked behind your ears or in scrunchies and full highlighted hair on your natural hair color .

2007’s Hot and Sexy Haircuts

What makes a haircut hot and sexy? Maybe it’s the way we wear it or maybe it’s because we’ve just seen our favorite celebrity showing it off. Either way, we love them and love following what’s hot and what’s sexy in this year’s latest cuts.

If you’re opting for a new cut, the hottest cut this year is the short crop cut. You’ll find that this cut works well for nearly everyone. The crop is versatile and is being worn by businesswomen like Hillary Clinton and celebrities like Halle Berry. The great thing about this cut is that it requires very little maintenance no matter how bad of a hair day we may be having.

For a longer version of the cut, try a shaggy out of bed look where the cut is razored to give it some shag of course! The great thing about this cut is, you can wear it messy and get away with it. The cut is not for everyone, however and can be a bit much for those who work in a professional environment or if you have very thick or fine hair. This cut also requires a little time, but nothing a little gel or styling mousse can’t handle.

If you would prefer something a bit more fun yet sexy, the pixie cut could be for you. Think Sharon Stone or Halle Berry for this cut. This choppy do is not for everyone though. If you’re facial features are very strong boned, you’re better off leaving this cut for the more delicate boned ladies. If you can pull off this cut, the close-cropped layers are ideal for framing your features and can easily bring out fabulous eyes.

Another short yet, long cut is the rocker punk look. Don’t let the rock or punk part fool you though. This cut is as every bit sexy as the rest of them. This cut is fabulous if you have an oval facial shape. Have your stylist keep the layers longer in the back while giving the rest of your hair an uneven cut. For a 60’s Twiggy look, opt for some sexy uneven bangs. Think Meg Ryan and Kirsten Dunst for this sexy cut.

A classic yet sexy cut is the bob. Bobs are very versatile and can work on curly, wavy and even straight hair. Both younger and older women can easily wear this cut. If you have a long facial shape, try bangs and keep the bob shorter. For a bit of sexy funk, have the bangs razored. If you wavy hair, add some layers to bring out your natural curl. If you have a round face, this cut would be great for you. There are a few who can pull it off with a square face shape, however.

If you’re in-doubt about a perfect cut for you, check out a few celebrity photos online for ideas or try the new 3D technology of being able to upload your photo and try on a few hairstyles at every angle. If you’re still not sure which cut is right for you, talk to a professional hairstylist who can help guide you toward the right direction. Happy Cutting!

Summer 2007 Makeup Trends

Summer’s here and a popular trend is 1980’s neon brights for eyes, lips and cheeks. Bright blues, purples and greens are paired with lightly bronzed cheeks and lips, neon pink lip gloss is worn with mascara only, or coral cheeks are topped off with a slight dusting of bronzer. But unlike the original bold looks of the 80’s, colors are slightly muted to lessen their intensity – for example, apply one layer of eye shadow to get a slight wash of color. A few other trends seen for summer include:

· Iridescent pinks and peaches for cheeks and lips paired with shimmering bronze or taupe for eyes.

· Eyeliner colors such as navy blue, plum or forest green paired with clear lip gloss (to highlight individual lip color and not compete with dramatic colors). Black is often too harsh for daytime, especially in summer, and one of the above colors is a fresh alternative to brown.

· Lip colors in toffee, pearl or gold-bronze, which flatter all skin tones.

· Luminous skin – add 1-2 drops of liquid luminizer to foundation to enhance skin’s natural glow.

How Important is an SPF in an Eye Cream?

One of the latest skincare topics is whether or not to include an eye cream with SPF into a regular skincare routine. Since the message of using an SPF on the face every day has now been engrained into the routines of teens and adults, the next logical step is including an eye cream. But how crucial is one? Men and women should be using an eye cream day and night since the skin is three times thinner than the skin on the face, the pH differs from the face and the eye area is the first to show signs of aging and environmental effects. Also, there are no oil glands around the eyes and the only way it gets moisture is when we place it. But some are concerned about the thick, pasty texture or excess oil from an SPF eye cream. For everyday use, an SPF eye cream is not 100% necessary but does apply to those who:

· Work outdoors, such as lifeguards and gardeners.

· Play outdoor sports, even during the winter.

· Are going to be spending a day in the sun, such as at the beach, park, etc.

Whether using a cream with SPF or not, make sure to pare it with sunglasses that block UV rays to avoid squinting, the major cause of fine lines. Overall the decision is personal, and products should be based on how they work with individual skin type.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Too sweet beauty secrets

(ARA) - Get your skin glowing this summer with a fruit, yogurt and honey skin care application created by Christopher Watt, a Hollywood aesthetician to stars such as Halle Berry and Jennifer Lopez, as a whimsical way to introduce honey as a soothing skin care application to his clients.

"Honey is one of the world's best kept beauty secrets," says Watt. "Women and men have used it as part of healthy skin care routines for centuries, but with all of the high-tech beauty treatments available today, I think most of us simply forgot about this all-natural beauty wonder."

Because honey has enzymes, vitamins and other minerals that are beneficial to the skin, Watt recommends using honey as part of a regular beauty regimen. Just add a tablespoon or two to your favorite mask or apply honey directly to the skin. To minimize honey's stickiness, Watt suggests applying honey to damp skin and then rinsing off with a warm face cloth.

As a humectant, honey draws moisture into the skin, making it a good choice for dry skin sufferers. It also has antimicrobial properties that inhibit the growth of bacteria and help thwart acne flare ups.

"Honey is good for all skin types. It is the purest beauty ingredient available today," says Watt. "Literally, it goes from the hive to the bottle."

Watt's three ingredient summer skin care application is easy to make at home. Fruit, yogurt and honey can all be found at a local grocery store and clean up is minimal. Plus, you'll be treating yourself to celebrity-style beauty without having to pay Hollywood prices.

So what are you waiting for? Grab a blender and whip up one of the honey-infused Face Smoothies listed below:

Honey and Banana Skin Treat

One yellow banana
1/2 cup honey
1/2 cup plain yogurt

Peel banana and place in blender or food processor. Add honey and yogurt, blend until smooth. Using finger tips, apply banana mask on clean skin; let sit for 10 to 15 minutes.Remove with cool water and damp cloth.

Honey and Papaya Skin Treat

One quarter fresh papaya
1/2 cup honey
1/2 cup plain yogurt

Cut papaya in half and remove seeds. Cut in half again and remove skin. Place one-quarter papaya in blender or food processor. Add honey and yogurt, blend until smooth.

Using finger tips, apply papaya mask on clean skin, let sit for 10 to 15 minutes. Remove with cool water and damp cloth.

Honey and Blueberry Skin Treat

1/2 cup fresh or frozen blueberries
1/2 cup honey
1/2 cup plain yogurt

Rinse blueberries and place in blender or food processor. Add honey and yogurt, blend until smooth. Using finger tips, apply blueberry mask on clean skin, let sit for 10 to 15 minutes. Remove with cool water and damp cloth.

Note: These are all edible, so if you get a little on your lip, go ahead and lick it off!

For more honey-based beauty recipes visit the National Honey Board's Web site:

25 ways to optimize your health

The older we grow, the more determined we are to recapture our fleeting youth.

With the average life expectancy for men and women of all races living in the United States at 77.9 years, perhaps it's time to focus on a realistic road to health and long life.

Mom was right. "Breakfast is the most important meal of the day," said James Joachim, a primary care physician practicing internal medicine and medical nutrition in Wilmington, N.C. A breakfast high in complex carbohydrates and protein generates energy to kick-start your metabolism and help the body burn fat.

Bodies exposed to damage from free radicals - renegade atoms that can cause cellular damage - become more susceptible to other problems, from premature aging to cancer. Some studies have shown an antioxidant-rich diet can prevent free radical damage. The main antioxidants are vitamin E, beta carotene and vitamin C.

According to the U.S. Surgeon General, regular physical activity not only improves the chances of living longer, but also helps prevent arthritis, osteoporosis and diabetes, and relieves symptoms of depression and anxiety. The current recommendation for adults is 30 minutes a day most days of the week.

Make sure your weight is appropriate for your height, age, sex and body frame. The American Institute for Cancer Research reports that having an appropriate body mass, coupled with eating properly and exercising, can reduce cancer incidence by 30 to 40 percent.

Have you dined out lately? Portion sizes have exploded. Three squares used to be the rule, but doctors and nutritionists now suggest eating four to six small meals a day, or every three hours, to speed up metabolism and burn fat faster.

One of the most important steps is to know what you're up against. It matters. If, for instance, your grandmother died from breast cancer, be aware that the women in your family have an increased risk for cancer and must take the necessary precautions.

If you started smoking at 20 and you're 40 now, you've taken 15 years off your life, says Demetrius Harvey with the American Lung Association. Smokers, even occasional ones, are not only more susceptible to developing lung cancer, but their risks of having high blood pressure, a heart attack or stroke also increase. Quit smoking now.

Acupuncture as a whole, and as preventative medicine, is a form of total health care that can help you live longer, says William Mead, a chiropractor and acupuncturist in Wilmington, N.C. "It's energy medicine," he said. Select a licensed acupuncturist: Ask around for ones who come highly recommended.

Green tea has been used in Asia for centuries to promote good health. It is an antioxidant as well as an anti-carcinogen. Scientists at the University of Texas Center for Alternative Medicine Research in Cancer reviewed 15 studies on green tea. The results - more than half of the studies confirmed that green tea is effective against stomach, lung, gastric, bladder, colorectal and esophageal cancers.

Garlic in its natural and capsulated forms can be seen as a near-cure-all, with properties that help ease disease and fend it off. Garlic kills off infection, viruses and bacteria in the body and protects and boosts the immune system. Fresh garlic has also been shown to treat ordinary chest complaints, such as asthma, colds, cough and flu.

Omega-3s, or essential fatty acids, are just that - "essential" to a healthy body. They aren't produced by the body and must be supplied in the diet. Omega-3 improves blood pressure, acts as an anti-inflammatory for arthritis and lowers triglyceride levels and bad cholesterol (LDL). It also improves hair quality. Look to the ocean for omega-3. Fish such as salmon is a good source, and fish oil tablets have the same benefits.

Lower back problems aren't a symptom of old age. Back pain hits people as young as 20, and there's no shortage of ways that you can injure your back. The most common trigger is a car accident. Still, many people hurt their lower backs while working and lifting, or playing sports. Recovery from a low back injury or low back discomfort can be as emotionally challenging as it is physically. Loss of function in the back can cause people to become less social, avoid certain activities and even become depressed.

A lot of people think doing yoga is about being a pretzel. But it's not. It helps to reduce stress, anxiety and depression, relieve chronic pain, relax, be more flexible, lower the heart rate, lose weight, decrease cholesterol, relieve allergy and asthma symptoms. And those are just the physical benefits. Practicing yoga together removes people from the isolation of cubicles and opens up a community for like-minded people to find one another and interact.

Meditation can quiet the rumbling and free the mind from having and obsessing over unproductive thoughts. It can also reduce high blood pressure and stress, and ease depression and anxiety. Meditation is said to be the process of attaining total awareness through the cessation of thought.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention rates skin cancer as the most common form of cancer in the United States. From 65 percent to 90 percent of cases of melanoma, the third most common type of skin cancer, are caused by exposure to ultraviolet light or sunlight. What's scarier - not even sunscreen is entirely effective in preventing skin cancer. UVA and UVB rays are the culprits that damage skin. Buy a sunscreen that protects against both and that includes zinc oxide or titanium dioxide. Read the labels. The active ingredient still needs to be zinc or titanium dioxide. If zinc is way down the list of ingredients at 1 percent, it's not worthwhile.

Cleanse and moisturize your skin daily to give it that extra boost to retain elasticity and texture. Facial moisturizer is a line of defense against daily damage that comes from pollution, sun and makeup. Use products that contain herbal extracts and natural ingredients.

No matter how diligent you've been about keeping in shape, the wrinkles start showing once you hit 40. That's when collagen, a protein within the body's connective tissue, starts to break down. By 60, it becomes more noticeable. By 80, wrinkles become more folds of skin than fine lines. Again, buy sunscreens that list either zinc oxide or titanium oxide as the main ingredient.

Cranberries have free-radical-fighting power. It works in fighting urinary tract infections, and offers other unexpected benefits, such as protection against chronic age-related burdens like loss of memory and coordination. Pomegranate juice contains beneficial antioxicants - polyphenols, tannins and anthocyanins - in higher levels than most other fruit juices, red wine or green tea.

Olive oil is a fundamental ingredient of Mediterranean diets. It's good for the heart and its most healthful component is its percentage of monounsaturated fat - which boosts good cholesterol, or HDL.

Red wine has two beneficial components; both come from the skin, pulp and seeds of grapes. Flavonoids are a form of antioxidant, and resveratrol may help reduce the risk of blood clots. The American Heart Association recommends that you drink in moderation. Too much wine or other forms of alcohol can increase high blood pressure, obesity, stroke and cancer. Limit yourself to one or two 4-ounce glasses a day.

Eat a small, 1.6-ounce bar of dark chocolate every day. Dark chocolate lowers blood pressure and has been added to the list of antioxidants that can fight free radical damage, according to studies at the University of Cologne in Germany and Italy's National Institute of Food and Nutrition Research in Rome. Dark chocolate also contains flavonoids - but remember to burn those extra calories. A 1.6-ounce bar contains about 210 calories.

Stress and anxiety are killers. Left untreated, it can lead to gastro-intestinal problems, alcohol abuse, depression, panic attacks and insomnia. The remedy? Make time to be social. It is essential to health, happiness and the quality of life. Engage in any assortment of activities once to twice a week, whether it's attending church, going to the movies or joining a book or social club.

Studies by the National Cancer Institute have shown that aspirin can treat conditions such as arthritis and has lowered the rates of colon polyps, cancer and colon cancer deaths. Aspirin also has been said to reduce the risk of developing Alzheimer's disease, inhibit blood from clotting and decrease the risk of heart attack and stroke.

Sex increases the supply of oxygen to cells, according to the American Academy of Anti-Aging. Regular sex helps balance out bad cholesterol (LDL) and good cholesterol (HDL) - as well as reducing joint pain and headaches. It also relieves stress, protects the prostate gland, wards off depression and increases the level of testosterone released into men's bodies, which helps strengthen bones and muscles.

Sleep is restorative. Sleep-deprived people secrete more leptin, a protein hormone that increases appetite. Obesity can bring on a host of other ailments.

by:Jana Clancey writes for Wilmington (N.C.) magazine.

Natural Skin Care Treatments

As we get older we begin to see the results of many years of abuse to our skin. When this happens many of us immediately begin to seek out a successful means to turn back the clock or at least slow it down a bit. There are thousands of skin care products on the market today; however, many are not natural products.

Aside from wanting the skin to look as young as possible, we should be concerned about the skin being health as the skin is the largest organ of the body. Our skin not only is a covering for our body is also helps to protect us from diseases and assists the body in the production of vitamins. When we are healthy from the inside out, our skin will show it.

When one begins to think about improving their skin they should first realize that the body needs certain vitamins and minerals which will help to build healthy cells. When cells are built, skin cells will be built also. Some vitamins which can be considered skin building vitamins are vitamin B, B1, B2, and B12.

If you are not receiving sufficient amounts of vitamin C, iron, or copper, collagen development will be hindered. If you desire more tone to your skin, collagen plays an important role in the building of protein in the skin. When there is added protein to the skin, there will be more skin tone.

Natural skin care includes more than various vitamins. Natural skin care includes jojoba, sunflower oil, Aloe Vera, honey, shea butter, and more.

Honey has the ability to preserve the moister in the skin, and is an antioxidant. Honey is used in many spas as a natural skin treatment, and honey has the ability to protect the skin from sun damage.

Many people suffer from eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, and stretch marks. Studies show that shea butter produces positive results for those with these skin conditions. Shea butter is an African cream, which has been used to treat skin in Africa for many years. Not only is shea butter used as an anti-aging skin product, it also is used as a hair treatment.

Jojoba oil is made from the jojoba seed. The jojoba plant is found in southern Arizona, as well as southern California, and Mexico. This oil is used in many shampoos, moisturizers, as well as sunscreens. In addition, jojoba oil is used for treatments to skin. This skin treatment is a non-oily substance which is easily absorbed in the skin.

Sunflower oil is an essential fat and it is a great moisturizer for the skin. One can use sunflower oil alone as well as in lotions, bath oils and such.

The benefits of aloe vera has as a skin care product has been realized for years. Aloe vera can not only act as a healing agent for sun-burned skin or wounds, it can prevent skin damage which is a result of ultraviolet rays. Aloe vera is also successful in the treatment of frostbite. Author: By (Cheryl Carpenter)

Refresh Dry Skin with Summer Citrus Juices

Lemon, orange, lime and grapefruit aren’t just for eating anymore – they make great summer spritzers that refresh and tone the skin, and they smell great. However, some of them are more acidic than others and could dry the skin. This is partially remedied by using a dry skin care product that prevents absorption, but knowing which fruits are best for dry skin is also important.

- Lemon spritzers and balms are great for soothing the nerves in the skin and stimulating the growth of healthy skin cells. However, lemon can be a bit harsh, so it’s particularly important to apply good dry skin care lotion underneath.

- Orange is gentler than lemon. It’s great as a spritzer, but also doubles as a cleansing product. If your skin is very delicate or damaged, orange is a better choice than lemon – it’s even good for babies.

- Grapefruit, in addition to being a great cleanser and toner, also has antibacterial qualities that can help prevent infection for those with dry skin and eczema. You should also try the grapefruit on your hair – it penetrates the hair shaft and leaves your hair soft and shiny.

- Lime: a mixture of lime, salt and sugar makes a great summer scrub that removes excess dead skin cells. The lime cleans, tones and refreshes, and the salt and sugar exfoliate and promote the growth of healthy new skin. Make sure you apply a good dry skin care prevention and treatment product immediately afterward – whenever you use anything that’s even a little abrasive, you risk moisture loss.

There are several products on the market that contain these fruit essences, but watch out for the other ingredients. A product that contains chemicals that damage the skin will defeat the purpose – find something with natural, non-toxic ingredients. And always use a good dry skin treatment under the spritzers and after the scrubs, just to be sure.

What you need to know about organic skin care

Living a healthy life can be confusing.

Stores are stocked with so many “natural” and “organic” food options that claim to keep your body free of chemicals and pesticides, it’s hard to know what to eat. Now, the organic movement has spread to skin care.

Like organic food, organic beauty products are touted as having fewer chemicals, pesticides and preservatives than traditional brands. And the demand for them seems to be growing.

But are organic beauty products more hype than help? It depends on whom you ask.

“If you’re trying to live an organic lifestyle, organic products have an environmental payoff,” said Patricia Tortolani, senior editor for Allure beauty magazine. “Supporting organic farming is a good thing, but we still aren’t certain if these products actually work better than traditional skin-care products. We are interested to see what organic beauty means and getting a better understanding of it.”

According to dermatologists, Tortolani says, most of the ingredients that actually help heal blemishes, exfoliate and reduce acne are not natural, such as alpha hydroxy acids and parabens.

“It is important to recognize that there is no regulation of organic beauty products,” she said, so virtually any company can claim that their product can help improve the skin.

There are some noted organic lines, such as Dr. Hauschka, Jo Wood Organics, Juice Beauty, Kiss My Face and Nature’s Gate. Fashion designer Stella McCartney has introduced a fragrance and skin care line made from organic ingredients and plant extracts. Often, organic products are priced higher at health-food and department stores, but drugstores and discount retailers offer brands that are inexpensive. Wal-Mart recently debuted Noah’s Naturals, a line of skin, bath and hair products, $6.99-$14.99.

Regardless of price, organic products aren’t always the best solution.

Tortolani says there’s a perception that organic or natural shampoos, facial cleansers, moisturizers and sun screens are pure, meaning they have no harsh chemicals. But even organic ingredients can irritate the skin.

“You have to be careful if you have sensitive skin,” warns Dr. Rajani Katta, associate professor of dermatology and director of the Contact Dermatitis Clinic at Baylor College of Medicine in Texas. “A lot of women who have problems wearing makeup are allergic to plant-based, all-natural products.”

Katta says fragrances in makeup often cause allergic reactions. Even if a product claims to be organic, hypoallergenic or fragrance-free, it may still contain botanical extracts, which have a scent and can cause irritation.
What is organic, really?

•Check ingredients. The word “organic” on a beauty product may not mean much because the industry isn’t regulated. Any product can claim to be “organic,” but if the word appears high on the ingredients list, you may be getting what you pay for.

•Test the product. Organic or natural products aren’t necessarily better than synthetic ones, says Dr. Rajani Katta, a dermatology professor at Baylor College of Medicine. You still can be sensitive. She suggests testing facial products twice a day for a week on your forearm.

•Be skeptical. No studies have proven that organic products are better for your skin than nonorganic varieties.

Beauty for the ages

Two readers -- one 50, one 60 -- update their looks with the help of beauty wiz Bobbi Brown
Hundreds wrote in when we put out the call for over-40 women who wanted a makeover and the opportunity to meet famed makeup artist Bobbi Brown, who herself just hit the big 5-0.

Truth be told, we think all of you who replied looked pretty good, from the 40-somethings to the 70-plus former beauty queen. The two women we selected -- Debbie Wasserman, 50, a marketing assistant from East Meadow, and Rhoda Angelier, 60, an office administrator from Coram -- were chosen not so much because their issues were extreme, but because they mirrored the concerns we heard about from just about everyone.So, early one morning a couple of weeks ago, our big, excited group including our makeover candidates (neither wore a stitch of makeup), the Newsday fashion staff and hair stylist Leigh Anne Rodgers, of Salon Blue and Spa 190 in Mineola, took off for makeover land, the earthy brick and wood Bobbi Brown workspace in Montclair, N.J. Here's how it went:

Who: Debbie Wasserman, 50, East Meadow

The trouble: "Who knew back in high school that the sun was so bad for your skin?" asks Wasserman. "These days, my skin is much more sensitive to the sun and I'm getting rosacea and freckling. I feel like my skin is really dry, and I'm noticing that especially when I wake up, there's lid puffiness, and it looks like I have these big divets under my eyes." Wasserman, who has had several surgeries on her knees, says she'll pass on cosmetic surgery. Her expectations of her makeover? "I hope I get the lift without the knife."

The fix: Elizabeth Keiser, Brown's studio manager, goes to work on Wasserman, first prepping her skin with a cream cleanser, face tonic, hydrating eye cream and a SPF 25 moisturizing balm. So much for dry skin. Wasserman is already looking dewy. Beige concealer and foundations are applied with a bit of bisque color corrector to even out her skin. Cheeks get a glow with pink truffle pot rouge while lips get nude liner, filled in with Brownie and topped with peach gloss. To give more oomph to her blue eyes, Keiser layers on espresso eyeliner and black mascara. Says Keiser, "Debbie is a beautiful woman who just wanted a little makeup refresher. I focused on skincare and foundation to achieve the gorgeous glow she felt she had been lacking. A pop of cream blush, a natural lip color and a clean eye look was all she needed to bring out her already amazing features."

The good news: "I was really happy ... it brightened my face. I felt the makeup artist was honest and very positive. I'm very impressed with Bobbi, and read in her book that when she turned 50, she became comfortable in her skin. It's reinforcing you can look good, be your best and just get comfortable with who you are -- I love that whole philosophy, and the makeup can help."

Who: Rhoda Angelier, 60, Coram

The trouble: "I've noticed fine lines and dark rings around my eyes," says Angelier. "And I need a change. I've been wearing the same lipstick, Silver City Pink by Revlon, for 25 years. I hope to bring myself into the contemporary world in terms of makeup but I don't want to look overly made up. I want to learn how to do things like a smoky eye and I want to be hipper, but age appropriate," says the grandmother of twins.

The fix: Mark Hopkins, a member of the Bobbi Brown Beauty Team, moisturizes Angelier's skin with hydrating eye and face cream and matches concealer and foundations to her skin color. He uses a light bisque corrector, natural concealer, medium tinted balm, natural foundation stick only where she needs to be evened out, and he used a light bronzing powder. Two shades of pink, natural and pale, give her cheeks a natural bloom. Her lips are done in a brown lipstick and pink gloss. Hopkins shows her how to do a subtle smoky eye -- mahogany shadow strengthens her brow, white goes on the brow bone to highlight, suede cream shadow goes on the lid and chocolate ink liner adds drama to her look. He finishes with black mascara.

"The biggest challenge is to take someone into something new after they've been wearing the same thing for years," said Hopkins, "and Rhoda loved her new lipstick. She definitely has great facial features, and I wanted to play up the eye ... she doesn't wear a lot of makeup usually, so I tried not to overwhelm. I thought she looked amazing."

The good news: With her hair blown shiny sleek and her new makeup, Angelier says, "I thought I looked, without sounding conceited, really nice, really beautiful. It was very natural but still very modern. My husband said I looked great, and I went to the office and my boss said, 'You're the beauty queen.' I hated taking that makeup off at night. It was a wonderful day."

Bobbi's advice When Bobbi Brown turned 50, she gave the rest of us a present -- in the form of a book, "Bobbi Brown Living Beauty" ($29.99, Springboard), that addresses the skin care and makeup concerns of women over 40.

Interestingly, those concerns were pretty much those expressed by the women who wrote to us hoping for a makeover. The No. 1 problem, by a mile, seems more psychological than physical. Our readers expressed a deep fear of change. One admitted to "wearing the same makeup since I've been 20."

To this, Brown says, "As human beings we evolve, we have to look at ourselves differently. Every five years there's a minor or major change, and that's when you need to alter what you're doing. Be open and experiment, not necessarily with trends but with what looks good on you. It's makeup and it washes off. Some women will be wearing less makeup because they've always worn too much, but a lot more women don't wear enough. As you get older, women who are fit and healthy and have a sparkle in their eyes are beautiful and the tools to get there are at their fingertips."

Here's a quick list of some of our readers' major beauty issues, along with Brown's advice:

Uneven skin tone, redness, blotchiness: "It's hard to give a generic answer but this is the most common thing, and you need to find a foundation or a tinted moisturizer that evens those things out. The color has to be right ... and the product has to be right for your skin texture, dry, oily. ... The end result has to look like your skin, not like you have foundation on."

Eye issues (bags, puffiness, crow's-feet) : "When you get older things go south. The things that make a difference are eyeliner, really black mascara, medium shadow on the lid to give the appearance of depth in the eye, light shadow under the brow bone, these instantly take care of those problems."

Sun damage: Almost all of us, including Bobbi, regret having spent too much time in the sun. "First of all, it's never too late to wear sunscreen. ... In terms of a makeup solution ... some skin that is over-sunned looks better with a tinted moisturizer."

Lip lines: "The best thing is not to wear dark lipstick that will bleed into your lines. Using a lip pencil can stop it, so outline lips and make sure you hydrate lips with moisturizer."

Foundation fear: "If the foundation looks like cake batter then it's going to look that way on your face. Most foundations are the wrong color and texture." To check it out, apply to the side of your face and the middle of your forehead.

Time concerns: Newsday readers want easy and basic makeup routines. Bobbi reels off the over-40 must haves: "Moisturizer, concealer, tinted moisturizer, pot rouge for lip and cheeks, black mascara."

Dull-looking skin: "Exfoliate using cleanser with washcloth to get rid of tired dead skin. Use self-tanner for a little color but the main thing is to hydrate. I use face oil all the time, just make sure it's non-pore clogging. In a pinch, olive oil works."

Disappearing eyebrows: "Fill in your brow with a shadow that matches the natural color of your eyebrow. If you really have no eyebrows, line where the brow should be and pat down using shadow."

new agreement positions uae as centre of research excellence daywear plus

new agreement positions uae as centre of research excellence daywear plus
multi protection tinted moisturiser spf 15

Comprehensive DayWear Plus protection with a beautiful sheer tint

We live in a world in which we are expected to do several things at once and we also expect the products that surround us to be multifunctioning. Just as our cell phones no longer just make calls they also receive email and take photos, and our cars have navigation systems, seat heating, automatic window-wipers - we want products that do it all.

When it comes to our skin, women today are looking for products that deliver spectacular results without the time constraints of multiple products. We want to take care of ourselves and our skin but with the least hassle and the best protection that there is to offer, and Estēe Lauder understands this.

With the introduction of DayWear Plus Multi Protection Tinted Moisturizer SPF 15 – Estēe Lauder has developed a product that combines all the multi protection benefits of the DayWear Plus range with the added benefit of a sheer layer of color to even out skin tone.

For the woman looking for great protection with a subtle hint of color, the fresh cucumber scented DayWear Plus Multi Protection Tinted Moisturizer SPF 15 fuses the very best of Estēe Lauder skincare with environmental protection and a sheer, natural tint. A potent antioxidant cocktail, intensive hydrators and a UVA / UVB sunscreen system work together to provide the most comprehensive environmental protection, while a sheer veil of pigment, in 4 versatile tones, evens out skin tone and gives the skin a natural sheer finish. Skin feels protected, intensely hydrated and looks naturally healthy.

All day long, the skin stays protected using the same great and proven comprehensive anti-oxidant blend found in the DayWear Plus range: South African Red Tea, Grape Seed, Rice Bran, Rosemary, Resveratrol, Exclusive Vitamin C - E and Eukarion. This unique combination of anti-oxidants actually teaches the skin to naturally respond and actively protect itself against free radical damage resulting from environmental assaults. In addition, these anti-oxidants are bio-transformed so they become more bio-

available to the skin which enhances their effectiveness. Further protection is provided by White Birch Extract, which actually activates Bio-Shields, naturally present in our skin to protect our cells against the damage caused by UV rays. Therefore, skin adapts.

Eukarion, first uncovered by Estee Lauder is an anti-oxidant. It is actually a “mimic” of a natural enzyme that inhibits free radicals generated by internal aging. Therefore, it reactivates skin’s own defense system. Skin becomes stronger, more resistant, and more able to prevent the effects of chronological/internal aging. It also remains effective when all other anti-oxidants have extinguished. It helps provide the most effective continuous protection.

After application, DayWear Plus Multi Protection Tinted Moisturizer SPF 15 will immediately help to neutralize oxidation caused by environmental stresses and extremes.

Throughout the day encapsulated Vitamin C and E and Rosemary extract are continuously released to counteract damage caused by pollution, smoke, UV etc. offering a second layer of protection.

Over time:
With regular daily use, skin becomes stronger and less prone to environmental aging, helping to protect skin against the development of future lines and wrinkles.

DayWear Plus Multi Protection Tinted Moisturizer SPF 15 offers high performance hydration, improving immediate moisturization by 68%!
• Hyaluronic Acid provides an immediate burst of hydration to instantly replenish skin with moisture.
• An exclusive blend of lipids help re-build the thin and fragile moisture barrier to prevent water loss and lock moisture in.

All day long:
Skin stays continuously hydrated, feels comfortable, supple and better protected against line-producing dehydration.

DayWear Plus Multi Protection Tinted Moisturizer SPF 15 provides a full spectrum and highly protective sunscreen system that is extremely gentle on the skin. It incorporates a unique polymer which binds the formula together discouraging penetration into the skin and helping the sunscreen float on the surface of the skin. The polymer technology creates a topical and physical shield between the skin and the sun, protecting it where it is needed most.

Over time
Skin stays protected against photo-aging rays and UV rays and with continued use over time DayWear Plus Multi Protection Tinted Moisturizer SPF 15 will help it to stay younger looking.

Adding more to the benefits of the incredible DayWear Plus range, DayWear Plus Multi Protection Tinted Moisturizer SPF 15 delivers a sheer level of pigment to even out the complexion, enhancing skintone in four neutral shades for a radiant, healthy looking finish.

DayWear Plus Multi Protection Tinted Moisturizer SPF 15 also contains Photo Optic™ technology that absorbs light into the skin and optically reflects it to neutralize and balance uneven skin tone and create a subtle brightening effect.

Skin looks more even and glows with enhanced radiance.

Application: The unique lightweight texture smoothes onto skin - ideal for use alone or, under makeup for a complexion that stays fresh and radiant all day long. Apply AM after cleansing.

DayWear Plus Multi Protection Tinted Moisturizer SPF 15 is non-acnegenic, dermatologist and ophthalmologist tested.

DayWear Plus Multi Protection Tinted Moisturizer SPF 15 will be available at all Estēe Lauder counters in July 2007 in the Middle East.

Suggested retail price is AED 177.

Spa Sentiments Introduces All Natural Skin Care Products That Help Treat Eczema

More and more people are realizing that they need to eat the right foods and use the right products for their body, and this has many more looking into natural skin care products than ever before. Many people suffer from eczema, which can be a very irritating and sometimes painful skin condition. Spa Sentiments now offers a product that can help heal the skin and minimize flare-ups

Cordova, Tennessee (IPRWIRE) Fri, Jun. 22nd, 2007 -- Spa Sentiments ( is proud to announce their new Natural Eczema Cream. This is a great addition to their extensive line of natural skin care products. This new product works to penetrate deep into the skin, providing the moisture the body craves while helping to relieve eczema symptoms. Anyone who suffers from this skin condition knows that it can be painful and unsightly. Since there is no known cure, a good skin care treatment can be vital in dealing with troublesome side effects associated with eczema.

The problem with many skin care products currently on the market to treat eczema is that they are often full of petrochemicals, formaldehydes, parabens and filler ingredients that can actually irritate the skin instead of providing the relief that is intended. Eczema can appear just about anywhere on the body including the face, neck, knees, ankles, scalp, and even the hands. Millions of people suffer from this condition ranging from the really young to the really old. For this reason, it is important for those who suffer to find a product that really works.

When asked why consumers should choose the natural skin care products that are offered by Spa Sentiments, the company says, "Our aim – and what makes us so different from other companies – is to use as many organic and wild crafted ingredients as possible to provide the purest, most natural, paraben free products, while at the same time keeping our prices affordable so our customers can indulge in home spa treatments more often!"

The company is pleased to announce their new Natural Eczema Cream because it contains only natural ingredients such as comfrey extract, organic shea butter, jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, apricot kernel oil and patchouli essential oil. These ingredients work to soothe, heal and alleviate the dry, flaky, irritated skin usually associated with eczema.

Spa Sentiments is committed to providing consumers with natural, toxin-free products for treating both the face and body. To learn more about these unique products, visit

About Spa Sentiments:
Spa Sentiments was originally founded in 1998 as Bodies By Design. The company’s focus is on natural skin care products and natural spa products made from fresh, pure, and helpful ingredients.

( by: Press Release )

HydroPeptide™ - Not a Cure for Upset Stomach - An Anti-Aging Miracle

Don't confuse the name HydroPeptide™ with the common over-the-counter Pepto-Bismol or even toothpaste. The name means something. It means "wrinkles meet your match." With the Peptide Depth Layering Technology (PDLT) found exclusively in HydroPeptide™, this skin care regimen's effects delivers results like never seen before.When Linda Filippone, a clinical aesthetician of Lubbock, Texas first heard of HydroPeptide™, she didn't think anything of it except that it might be what she used to clean her teeth that morning. "After I did the peptide enzyme mask and applied the cellular transformation growth serum, my skin felt so amazing and fresh. I could feel the product working through the next morning and I could see immediate results. It was so firming. I had clients using Dr. Perricone's $570 neuropeptide lotion, and had to tell them I found something even better. I found HydroPeptide."

But, "What exactly is HydroPeptide™?" As the name might imply, "Hydro" relates to water or moisturization and "Peptide" is the basis for Azure Cosmeceuticals, the masterminds behind HydroPeptide™ and the leaders in peptide-based skin care. "Peptides are the buzz these days. I say peptides to an aesthetician and I immediately have her attention. They really work when they are at those clinically proven levels" says Steve Peck, Product Trainer at Azure Cosmeceuticals. But really, HydroPeptide™ is hope for the millions of old (and young) women (and men) looking to restore, rejuvenate, and perfect their skin. According to Annelise Mihaljevich of Annelise Skin Care in Laguna Niguel, "It's beautiful what the HydroPeptide has done for me underneath my eyes. I'm 68 years old and people ask for my driver's license after I tell them how old I am. They think I'm 20 years younger. It has made an absolute difference in my appearance. I look at pictures from a few years ago and I look like a different person. I'm hooked!" HydroPeptide™ is easy-to-use and encompasses every anti-aging element recommended for healthy skin by doctors and dermatologists world-wide. And peptides top the ingredient list!

These peptides are proven to do amazing things like increase natural collagen production up to 300%* and relax facial muscles and wrinkles for up to 24 hours* similarly to Botox, without the risk (According to independent studies conducted by Pentapharm and Laboratoires Serobiologiques). Peptides are basically tiny protein fragments comprised of long chains of amino acids. Individual portions of proteins are known as peptides. In the body, peptides regulate the activity of many systems, one of which being cell-communications which tells cells how to react and what to do. Peptides can produce significant benefits when applied topically for wound healing, barrier repair and reducing inflammation. Azure Cosmeceuticals creates specific peptide chains in the lab and then attaches a fatty acid component which allows peptides to overcome their inherent limitations: absorption and stability. Lab-engineered peptides appear to have the kind of efficacy and benefit that goes beyond the skin's surface, such as enabling collagen production and offering muscle relaxing sensations (Sources: Cosmetics & Toiletries, June 2004, page 30; Pharmaceutical Research, March 2004, pages 389-393; and The Journal of Investigative Dermatology, September 2005, pages 473-481).

Many skin care companies have begun implementing peptides in their anti-aging products, but Azure Cosmeceuticals had done something different. They have created HydroPeptide™, the first and only entirely peptide-based skin care line with Peptide Depth Layering Technology (PDLT), ranging from back bar treatments used within the facial room to retail products for home use. HydroPeptide™ and PDLT is different than other peptide creams on the mark; it actually works. In fact, 93% of study participants have seen results. HydroPeptide™ contains 11 peptides, with each of these peptides at or above it's clinically proven level, that perform their own specific tasks within the skin. Unlike other skin care companies, peptides are found in every single Azure product and are combined with other essential elements for healthy skin. This method of peptide application is called Peptide Depth Laying Technology or PDLT. With peptides, you can't apply them once and be done. It's only with repetition and a synergistic balance of ingredients that results are seen. Each peptide must be directed to its specific target in order to enable proper cell communication. With repeated use of peptides and PDLT, there is an amplified signal for natural collagen production and results are inevitable. Clients have described the HydroPeptide™ regimen as comparable to a non-surgical face-lift. Azure not only has peptides, it has growth factors, antioxidants, Hyaluronic acid, vitamin c, enzymes, alpha hydroxyl acids, etc. These are healthy elements for the skin. "HydroPeptide sells itself. I call someone, ask if they want a sample, and they're calling me back right away ready to place an order. It's the back orders that frustrate me. People freak out even when we can't get them their cleanser right away. Then they buy two serum because they can't live without their serum" says Christopher Michael, National Sales Manager at Azure.

About Azure Cosmeceuticals, Inc.
Azure Cosmeceuticals, Inc., the leaders in anti-aging peptide-based skincare, is fully focused on bringing state-of-the-art, anti-aging innovations through premier skin care products that deliver results. Azure utilizes the latest proven developments in cosmeceutical skin care technology and offers credible and safe alternatives to cosmetic procedures. They are one of the few to develop new skin care technologies that are backed by true scientific evidence. They are dedicated to continued research and advancement in the skin care industry.