Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Refresh Dry Skin with Summer Citrus Juices

Lemon, orange, lime and grapefruit aren’t just for eating anymore – they make great summer spritzers that refresh and tone the skin, and they smell great. However, some of them are more acidic than others and could dry the skin. This is partially remedied by using a dry skin care product that prevents absorption, but knowing which fruits are best for dry skin is also important.

- Lemon spritzers and balms are great for soothing the nerves in the skin and stimulating the growth of healthy skin cells. However, lemon can be a bit harsh, so it’s particularly important to apply good dry skin care lotion underneath.

- Orange is gentler than lemon. It’s great as a spritzer, but also doubles as a cleansing product. If your skin is very delicate or damaged, orange is a better choice than lemon – it’s even good for babies.

- Grapefruit, in addition to being a great cleanser and toner, also has antibacterial qualities that can help prevent infection for those with dry skin and eczema. You should also try the grapefruit on your hair – it penetrates the hair shaft and leaves your hair soft and shiny.

- Lime: a mixture of lime, salt and sugar makes a great summer scrub that removes excess dead skin cells. The lime cleans, tones and refreshes, and the salt and sugar exfoliate and promote the growth of healthy new skin. Make sure you apply a good dry skin care prevention and treatment product immediately afterward – whenever you use anything that’s even a little abrasive, you risk moisture loss.

There are several products on the market that contain these fruit essences, but watch out for the other ingredients. A product that contains chemicals that damage the skin will defeat the purpose – find something with natural, non-toxic ingredients. And always use a good dry skin treatment under the spritzers and after the scrubs, just to be sure.

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