Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Summer 2007 Makeup Trends

Summer’s here and a popular trend is 1980’s neon brights for eyes, lips and cheeks. Bright blues, purples and greens are paired with lightly bronzed cheeks and lips, neon pink lip gloss is worn with mascara only, or coral cheeks are topped off with a slight dusting of bronzer. But unlike the original bold looks of the 80’s, colors are slightly muted to lessen their intensity – for example, apply one layer of eye shadow to get a slight wash of color. A few other trends seen for summer include:

· Iridescent pinks and peaches for cheeks and lips paired with shimmering bronze or taupe for eyes.

· Eyeliner colors such as navy blue, plum or forest green paired with clear lip gloss (to highlight individual lip color and not compete with dramatic colors). Black is often too harsh for daytime, especially in summer, and one of the above colors is a fresh alternative to brown.

· Lip colors in toffee, pearl or gold-bronze, which flatter all skin tones.

· Luminous skin – add 1-2 drops of liquid luminizer to foundation to enhance skin’s natural glow.

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