Wednesday, June 27, 2007

2007’s Hot and Sexy Haircuts

What makes a haircut hot and sexy? Maybe it’s the way we wear it or maybe it’s because we’ve just seen our favorite celebrity showing it off. Either way, we love them and love following what’s hot and what’s sexy in this year’s latest cuts.

If you’re opting for a new cut, the hottest cut this year is the short crop cut. You’ll find that this cut works well for nearly everyone. The crop is versatile and is being worn by businesswomen like Hillary Clinton and celebrities like Halle Berry. The great thing about this cut is that it requires very little maintenance no matter how bad of a hair day we may be having.

For a longer version of the cut, try a shaggy out of bed look where the cut is razored to give it some shag of course! The great thing about this cut is, you can wear it messy and get away with it. The cut is not for everyone, however and can be a bit much for those who work in a professional environment or if you have very thick or fine hair. This cut also requires a little time, but nothing a little gel or styling mousse can’t handle.

If you would prefer something a bit more fun yet sexy, the pixie cut could be for you. Think Sharon Stone or Halle Berry for this cut. This choppy do is not for everyone though. If you’re facial features are very strong boned, you’re better off leaving this cut for the more delicate boned ladies. If you can pull off this cut, the close-cropped layers are ideal for framing your features and can easily bring out fabulous eyes.

Another short yet, long cut is the rocker punk look. Don’t let the rock or punk part fool you though. This cut is as every bit sexy as the rest of them. This cut is fabulous if you have an oval facial shape. Have your stylist keep the layers longer in the back while giving the rest of your hair an uneven cut. For a 60’s Twiggy look, opt for some sexy uneven bangs. Think Meg Ryan and Kirsten Dunst for this sexy cut.

A classic yet sexy cut is the bob. Bobs are very versatile and can work on curly, wavy and even straight hair. Both younger and older women can easily wear this cut. If you have a long facial shape, try bangs and keep the bob shorter. For a bit of sexy funk, have the bangs razored. If you wavy hair, add some layers to bring out your natural curl. If you have a round face, this cut would be great for you. There are a few who can pull it off with a square face shape, however.

If you’re in-doubt about a perfect cut for you, check out a few celebrity photos online for ideas or try the new 3D technology of being able to upload your photo and try on a few hairstyles at every angle. If you’re still not sure which cut is right for you, talk to a professional hairstylist who can help guide you toward the right direction. Happy Cutting!

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