Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Summer Hair Fashion Forcast 2007

So what is hot this summer for hair fashion? Bold colors and designs that make a statement are really getting attention. It is not so much about a certain length, but how you hair is cut that matters. The same is true of hair color. The key here is shade selection and placement.

Let`s start by talking about the haircuts for summer. If there were one common characteristic it would have to be layers. I know you are probably thinking so what’s new about layers, but it is how they are done that is important. Think seamless scattered and soft, that’s right, no weight lines or hard edges just soft free flowing hair. For shorter lengths think fringed edges with a longer top textured to blend seamlessly into the foundation. For medium lengths the description I like is anti-Bob. It is easy for medium length hair to look frumpy, keeping the weight in the upper half of the haircut is the key here. Picture a full top and a small bottom. For long hair shattered face frames with scattered interior layers are hot. But the real head turners this season are those not afraid to go all out with hair color.

For so long there were really only three ways to color hair: you could color your full hair, get your hair semi highlighted or get it fully highlighted . That has all changed with a new approach to hair color called Block Coloring. It utilizes panels of color making shade selection and placement even more important. Instead of coloring small woven strands of hair, you literally lay colors next to one another. You can achieve any effect from the most subtle blending of shades to high contrast super impact colors.

Great color combinations for the summer are Dark Mahogany with Medium Auburn and Golden Brown. In the medium color range Cool brown, Dark Copper Blonde and Golden Blonde work great together. And for those addicted to blonde, Natural Ash Blonde, Pale Golden Blonde and Platinum placed strategically throughout will definitely turn heads.

So to bring it all home for summer’s hottest hair fashion you have to think hair color and cut. The more simple and understated the hair cut the more dynamic the color needs to be. However, if you are wearing a strong shape with a bit of an edge you can play it a little safer with the color. Have fun and don’t be afraid to play a little.

What’s NOT HOT? All one-length hair tucked behind your ears or in scrunchies and full highlighted hair on your natural hair color .

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