Saturday, June 30, 2007

The Best Acne Skin Care Treatment

If like many others you are desperate to get your acne treated in order to regain the skin you once had then using an acne skin care treatment is essential to the process. By reading through the tips provided below you should soon be back on the road to have that beautiful skin you had before you suffered from acne.

However it is important that first of all you know what acne is and then you will be able to treat it much better. A person suffers from acne because their sebaceous glands begin to produce too much oil and when combined with dead skin cells a person's pores will then become blocked. As the pores are blocked they are unable to breathe correctly and then bacteria sets in and so blackheads and whiteheads will begin to erupt on the person's skin.

In order to clean your face effectively whilst treating acne of any form you should not scrub it but rather gently wash it using a mild anti-bacterial soap or lotion.

Next you need to look at what you are eating and drinking. Many people do not realize this but what they eat and drink seriously affects their acne further. Therefore you should drink lots of fresh water each day. Not only will it help to remove all those unwanted toxins (which make a person's acne worse) from the body but it is probably the most inexpensive form of acne skin care treatment.You should also eat vegetables which contain high amounts of Vitamin A and will normally be bright orange or yellow or green in color. By eating plenty of these vegetables such as carrots, sweet corn and broccoli, cabbage etc, it will help you achieve a much better complexion on your skin.

Besides keeping the above points in mind, you should also consult your doctor.

They will be able to prescribe acne skin care treatment medications that you will not be able to find or purchase elsewhere. But as well as using the medication provided by your doctor you should look more closely at your dietary habits and make the necessary changes and do not forget to drink plenty of fresh water also.

By taking these steps in your acne skin care treatment program you should be on the road to seeing the results of your work in the mirror in a very short period of time.
by:Ricky Lee


Firnena said...

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Laureen said...

Use of carrot juice either internally or externally will help to battle acne breakouts and also speed up the healing process of scars caused by acne.
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Laureen said...

Instead of using the various cleansing creams and face washes in the market, which by the way, contain chemicals, I switched to using pure olive oil for face cleaning.
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Angin Selat Melaka said...

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May the info helps. TQ.

Maternity Mum said...

hmmm diet memang important untuk hilangkan masalah jerawat

Maternity Mum said...

Thanks for the great tips. Diet is really important to stop masalah jerawat.