Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Skin Care During the College Years

Being away from home during college can be the most liberating experience in a young adult’s life. Unfortunately, during this stage in life many things tend to get neglected - skin care being one of the most common. Many times dorm life doesn’t always present the best environment for healthy skin but by incorporating a few tips into your daily routine, you can maintain beautiful skin that will last through midterms all the way to graduation.
The main items that need to be present everyday in your college life are cleanser, toner, moisturizer and a good exfoliating body scrub. Because many of the showers and other bathroom facilities in dormitories are open to all students, keep your skin care products from mingling with everyone else’s and don’t share your products. This will prevent the transfer of bacteria and dirt. Also make it a habit to wash your hands after coming into contact with items that other people use frequently, such as keyboards and water fountains. Stay safe from conditions like Athlete’s Foot by wearing sandals when stepping into the shower.
Make it a point to cleanse, tone and moisturize your face each morning before heading to class and especially before going to bed (ladies, always wash off your makeup before going to sleep - no exceptions). If you have never used a daily skin care regimen, now is the perfect time to start. College brings about levels of stress, filled with unhealthy eating habits and late-night study sessions. Each of these factors can lead to breakouts, rashes and other symptoms of problematic skin. So while it may be next to impossible to lower your stress level, it is easy to make sure your complexion stays clean and blemish free as long as you pay attention to your skin twice a day.
As hard as it may seem, try your best to avoid eating overly greasy foods and lay off the sweets. Drinking water will keep you feeling energized and refreshed so carry a water bottle with you to your classes and limit your caffeine intake. Being in college doesn’t make you immune to UV rays. Apply sunscreen each time you step outside or use makeup and other beauty items that contain SPF so your skin always stay protected.
For most college students sleep is rare. Reenergize tired skin by taking a warm shower in the evening and using an exfoliating body scrub to wash away layers of dead skin. This will help your body wind down easier. To combat under eye puffiness or bags, rely on a good quality eye cream to keep you looking fresh. While studying, apply a soothing facial mask to relax and soothe stressed, upset skin. College can be difficult but that doesn’t mean your skin care regimen has to be.

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