Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Brides Slim Down for 'The Big Day'

Weight Management Chewing Gum Helps Turn Vow Into WOW!

NEW YORK -- Between managing the caterer, florist, bridesmaids, your family, his family, and work, what bride has time to focus on dieting? With planning and some helpful tips, you can avoid becoming Bridezilla by chewing a weight-management gum that can help you fit into that dream dress, turning that vow into wow.

An easy step to achieving your ideal weight is to raise your body's metabolism and curb your appetite with Nutra-Trim weight management gum. Together with a sensible diet and light exercise, it's a recipe for weight loss success. It's available in stores nationally, see .

"It's not magic, but it really does work," says Kevin Gass, co-founder of GumRunners, LLC. Nutra-Trim is made with natural ingredients, Green Tea, L- Carnitine and Chromium, ingredients clinically proven to increase metabolism and help control cravings and are recognized by the FDA as safe.

Fifty percent of gum chewers already chew gum to avoid snacking. Now, instead of an ordinary piece of gum, brides chewing Nutra-Trim get the extra benefits of increased metabolism and reduced cravings. This new weight management gum is a smash hit, recently appearing on The Today Show during "Take It Off Today, Quick Fix Diet Tricks."
Perhaps the groom is a little overweight? Not surprising since 71percent of men are overweight according to the CDC. Giving Nutra-Trim gum to the groom can really help him keep within his cummerbund.

These tips can help boost weight loss:

*Sleep -- Missing 16 minutes of sleep a day is associated with a 10-point increase in body mass.

*Chew Gum -- Chewing gum by itself has been proven to reduce stress -- and preparing for "The Big Day" is a top 10 stressful activity! Nutra-Trim Gum takes gum chewing to a new level by adding weight management ingredients.

*Yoga -- Exercise and Relaxation are a great weight loss combination.
*Carry a bottle of water everywhere -- surprisingly drinking water reduces water weight.

*If you cannot make time for a workout, pump up your activities; do chair squats or lunges around your home or office (a great way for getting your butt honeymoon-ready!)

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