Wednesday, June 20, 2007

How to Control Shine

Starting the day off with a perfectly fresh complexion and ending it with an oily, shiny mess can be downright discouraging. Even applying makeup can turn out disastrous when the shine hits. But with the use of select makeup and skin care items, you can tame your shine and spend your days without worry or fear of embarrassment.

Oily skin and shine go together like bees and honey. The main problem when it comes to dealing with oily skin is keeping your complexion from getting “shiny” throughout the day. Many people who deal with this skin type have a terrible time trying to battle pimples, coarse pores and other blemishes. Having a shiny face can be very embarrassing because it can be seen from a mile away. The forehead and nose are dead giveaways when it comes to having a shiny face. Often makeup is used to correct the problem, but normally results in a blotchy appearance. Blotting sheets have made dealing with a shiny face easier but it doesn’t completely take care of the problem. There is hope, however, and it involves buying the right makeup and skin care products for your face, as well as practicing the proper application tips and techniques.

Because oily skin deals with the overproduction of sebum (oil), it is important to stay away from skin care products that can cause over drying or strip your skin of its natural moisture. Using products that are made for oily skin will help keep pores from becoming clogged and regulate sebum production. Don’t feel compelled to use moisturizer if you don’t have to. Only apply moisturizer to the areas of your face that are really dry. There are also moisturizers that work to physically reduce the production of sebum, while mattifying. Clay and mud masks are perfect for absorbing oil from your face in a way that is relaxing and won’t cause a mess.

In addition to maintaining a strong skin care routine, choosing the right makeup can help you avoid a dark and blotchy appearance. Purchase makeup items that create a matte effect, which prevents and controls shine. Using a matte makeup primer after moisturizing and before applying foundation combats shine and allows your makeup to go on smoothly. You can even get away with just wearing the primer and skipping the foundation altogether. You can find semi-matte and matte foundation at any store or makeup counter. The use of powder can also help in reducing the appearance of shine. For the most matte finish, apply powder using a puff or cotton/wool pad. The more powder you apply, the more matte your face will appear but overloading on too much powder can cause your face to look cakey.

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