Wednesday, June 20, 2007

New skin care line zeroes in on aging

It's a crowded world out there, especially if you're a wrinkle-reduction cream.

But if you're an entrepreneur, you've got to believe there's always space on the shelf for one more serum.

Introducing Harvey Daniels and Jerry Chafetz, two locals with backgrounds in sales and marketing, who recently launched S-Solutions, a skin care line developed and made in South Florida.

''I'm so glad to be in this business,'' said Daniels, 36, who used to sell luxury real estate. ``It's a $64-billion industry, you know.''

Chafetz and Daniels teamed up with Sharon E. Perlow, a naturalistic practitioner in Aventura, after they met her coincidentally, they said, and were inspired by her scientific knowledge.

Professional formulators, meanwhile, created the products.

''The ultimate, hands-down goal of S-Solutions is to provide the ultimate anti-aging skin care to the public, with cutting edge technology and the most advanced ingredients found in the marketplace,'' Daniels wrote in an e-mail from his Michigan Avenue office.

Chafetz, 49, earned his MBA at Arizona State University and started Onboard Media, which sold clothing and skin care products to cruise lines. He sold Onboard in 2000.

He took care of the S-Solutions' business plan and marketing. Daniels handled design and branding.

The line is a sharp, modern mix of white, red and black packaging. It contains 10 products.

Items cost $25 to $275, and the entire line can be had for $670. Ranging from facial scrubs to serums and creams, ingredients include Gotu Kola, an Asian herb, and a combination of green and white tea extracts.

They call their target demographic the ''type-S personality,'' Daniels said, ``someone who is into looking good, who is image-conscious and brand-oriented.''

Daniels loves his new line of work. ''It's amazing what I've learned in the last year, working with Sharon and the dermatologists,'' he said. ``Since it was going to be my business, I figured I better sink my teeth into it.''

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