Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Nine Months of Beauty: Tips For Looking Great During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is unique to everyone and can have a mixture of emotions. You`re bringing new life into the world, but can`t figure out why you burst into tears for no apparent reason. Your body is undergoing major changes that, especially for new moms, can be confusing, exciting, and intimidating. All too often, however, women don`t get to enjoy pregnancy and the beauty that comes along with it. We forget that pregnancy can be one of the most physically beautiful times of a woman`s life, and why not take advantage of it?

Don`t Be Ashamed of Pregnancy

It`s sad that women are often encouraged to hide their pregnancies. It`s true that we may feel "fat as a house", but it`s the most beautiful fat-as-a-house feeling there could be. Why hide the fact that you`re bringing new life into the world and are growing each and every day towards giving birth to your new baby? It`s time pregnant women began showing off their figures, and you may be surprised to know that our male counterparts agree. Men find pregnancy to be one of the sexiest time in a woman`s life. Here`s some tips on taking advantage of the opportunity.

Fashion For Pregnancy

It used to be that maternity fashion was designed to cover up pregnancy and hide Mom`s belly. Not anymore. Shop around and you`ll find that, nowadays, there`s all sorts of places and designers that are offering more tailored, streamlined, and sexier clothing that shows off mom`s protruding belly and figure. Finally, there`s something to wear besides those old sweats, and this can make us feel better too.

Pregnancy`s Curse On the Skin

It`s true that pregnancy brings about changes in the skin that are less than enjoyable - breakouts, swelling, blotchiness, and excessive oiliness can all wreak havoc on how we feel about going out in public. Now is the time to revamp your skin care and cosmetic line. Purchase products that cater to these skin problems instead of sticking to your normal picks. Pregnancy brings about new needs and problems for the skin, so the old system won`t work.

Lifestyle Tips

Not only is keeping an eye on your lifestyle imperative for a healthy baby, it`s good for your sanity and beauty upkeep as well. Keep stress to a minimum and that means moderate exercise everyday, meditation, and anything else that helps you relax - bathes, massages, and spending time enjoying your pregnancy. Eating right and drinking lots of water will keep baby and Mom healthy and put together with these other lifestyle tips, make a significant difference on how you feel and look during your pregnancy.

Most of all, connect with baby and enjoy being pregnant!

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