Wednesday, June 20, 2007

A Doctors Tips that may Save your Skin

Consumers are seeking the benefits of non surgical aesthetic/cosmetic procedures more than ever before. But how do you choose the right medispa that provides safe and effective treatments and skin care And how do you know which treatment will yield the desired result for your individual needs and skin type

With somany places offering Botox, fillers, lipodissolve, laser treatments and other skin care, it is easy to become overwhelmed. The choices seem endless. With so much hype about different non surgical options, how can you make the right decision

If consumers and the media are confused about what constitutes a medical spa, its understandable. Typically, a medical spa is defined as a facility in which licensed healthcare professionals provide medical and/or wellness services in a spa like setting. Many types of facilities and offices perform aesthetic/cosmetic procedures, but Dr. Karina Bibicheff, a board certified physician in the field of laser aesthetics and non traditional dermatology, has some tips for finding the perfect fit in medical spas:

* Be sure to verify that the office or medical spa has experience
* Check the credentials of the practitioners
* Confirm there is a doctor on site
* Research the lasers, skin care products, and therapies
* Dont rely only on price to make your decision
* Ask questions about your personal skin health and optimal treatments
* Be comfortable with the staff and environment

Obviously, not all skin centers are the same. Dr. Bibicheff explains, The skin is the largest organ on the body and you should know who is helping you take care of it.

As summer approaches, now is the best time to prevent sun damage and premature aging. Skin care is a billion dollar industry. With so many products on the market, how do consumers choose the best product for their skin type and condition A medical spa offers FDA approved clinical skin care carefully prescribed by a healthcare professional to treat each individuals skin type and condition. These professionals can evaluate and properly analyze the skin in order to protect, correct and maintain the skin to its optimal state.

Dr. Bibicheff is the owner and Medical Director of VITA Ageless Medical Aesthetics. Since VITAs inception in 2004, Dr. Bibicheff and her staff have successfully treated and cared for more than 1000 clients. Education is critical; at VITA, seminars are held monthly to educate the public on skin health and wellness. Professional guidance and individualized care means that clients are given realistic outcomes and options on how to obtain healthier skin.

For any questions or to inquire about an appointment, please feel free to call at 516-626-6800 or visit our website at to view our upcoming seminars and events.

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