Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Beauty Through the Ages

There`s so many old rules of thumb by which to live that it`s sometimes fun just to sit and reminisce about them. What`s most amusing is that the majority of them had no real logic at all and that today we hear them and wonder where on earth some of them came from. This may lead us to the question as to whether our children or grandchildren will someday sit around and wonder the same of us, although no modern theory today seems quite as silly as some of those old ones. You know the one`s - sitting to close to the television will make you blind, or crossing your eyes will make them stuck that way. Back in those days, the women had their own skin-care and beauty rituals that may seem pretty outdated today. But did they work?

Back In the Day

Most women, especially those beauty addicts whose cabinets are full of cosmetics and skin-care products, are grateful to have the advances of today`s makeup and skin-care industry. Until most recent decades, women really didn`t have all that much selection when purchasing skin care or makeup. Some of us may have heard about the days when weekly visits from the Avon lady were the primary method a woman had of caring for her skin and making herself up. Even further back, makeup and cosmetics began literally as "paint", a description that if today was applied to any cosmetics product, we surely wouldn`t purchase. My, how things have changed.

From Then To Now

You may be interested to know that some of the names we still have around today, got there beginnings in the early twentieth century - Revlon and Avon, for example. Although we wouldn`t dare use the primitive and outdated version of these cosmetics, their introduction is the basis and foundation of what we have available to us today. However, some things have stuck around and you may catch a glimpse of in your local drugstore even. We can most certainly be thankful for the fact that, although these products no doubt worked - women in the 50`s and 60`s smelled great, had rosy cheeks and lips, and a great complexion - today`s products are much safer, keep longer, go on smoother, come off easier, and have much more variety.

Some That Are Still Around

You`ll still find some products that are just the same today as they were yesterday - some still look the same and you may see them while browsing the drugstore aisles. This says volumes about their quality and effectiveness. I know my grandmother, despite all the options available to her, still uses the same cold cream she did in her twenties. Some of the best remedies for skin care problems are still the same after all this time. Pancake makeup, although not recommended for daily use as it once was, is still great for photographs and special occasions. It`s products like these that we may want to give a second look to since their longevity must mean that after all these years, they`re still working. There`s some great original products on the shelf - next time you see them, don`t dismiss them just because their not new and innovative.

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