Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Overnight Beauty: What your Skin Should Wear to Bed

Sometimes it seems as though skin care is a 24-7 job to keep our skin looking its absolute best. Here’s a thought: make your skin work smarter instead of harder, by doing the bulk of the work while you are enjoying some shut-eye. By taking a little extra time in your nighttime beauty routine, you can quite literally rest assured that your skin is getting the best treatment while the stars are out. From your face to your feet, there are some tricks that will help you to rise and shine looking your absolute best.

The nighttime hours are the perfect time to let your skin indulge in an intense moisturizing treatment. After giving your face a good cleansing and a refreshing toning, apply a moisturizer that is specifically designed for your skin type. For some anti-wrinkle action, use a cream containing beta-hydroxy acids around the eye area. It is also a good idea, before applying that moisturizer, to exfoliate your skin a couple of times each week to slough off the dead skin cells and fully prepare your face for the hydrating treatment that is to come.

Your face is not the only part of your skin that needs a little extra attention after the sun goes down. Those unfortunate hands and feet that must face the harmful environmental elements every day will also benefit from a bit of nighttime TLC. If you have the time in the evening, give your hands and feet an exfoliating treatment before bed, followed by a rich moisturizer. Your hands and nails will even enjoy a slathering of petroleum jelly if you prefer. To up the moisturizing quotient, wear cotton socks and gloves to bed that will allow the moisturizer to soak into the skin and protect it while you sleep.

For a mouth that wakes up in the morning feeling fresh and clean (give or take a touch of morning breath!) make sure that your teeth get a good brushing and flossing before the sheep counting begins. There are a number of overnight whitening treatments that you can apply before bed and wake to a whiter smile in the morning. Don’t neglect your tongue in your nighttime oral care either, since a gentle brushing will strip it of bacteria and give your entire mouth an extra cleansing. While the toothbrush is still out, you can also massage your lips with it very gently to remove the dead and dry skin on the surface. Apply a layer of petroleum jelly or your favorite scented lip balm to ensure that your lips are kissably soft when the alarm goes off in the morning.

Skin care may seem like it takes some time and effort, but the results are well worth the investment. Every woman enjoys flaunting a soft, healthy glow that attentive skin care can bring. By completing a large portion of your beauty routine before hitting the sack at night, you can let the bulk of the work load happen while you are in blissful slumber. Nighty- night!

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