Sunday, May 20, 2007

Thought the spa is just for women? Guess again

Treatment: Facialiscious facial

Who needs this treatment?

Both women and men.

I'll admit, I got talked into it. They needed a male guinea pig for this spa feature and I willingly put up my hand. Why? Well I guess I've always been tempted to try a spa treatment, but it's not something I'd admit (I'm a carpenter).

At Skoah in Yaletown, they say 30 per cent of their clientele who book in for the Facialiscious facial are men. So there you go.

Facials aren't just for ladies. And I'm glad I went.

The pretty "skin care trainer" who did my facial was chipper, friendly and stylish, reflecting the spa's young urbanite image. She examined my skin and told me I was in need of some hydration.

I can't believe how many steps there are to cleaning your face. There was cleansing, then toning, exfoliating and masks to hydrate my parched skin. It was all very pleasing, especially when she

massaged my shoulders, arms, hands and feet.

Most pleasing moment

Definitely the massages in between treatments, like the scalp massage.

Most teeth-gritting moment

When she was squeezing blackheads on the tip of my nose -- but she was gentle.

How did you feel after?

Relaxed and fresh. My face felt really smooth and clean.

Treatment details

The Facialiscious costs $90 and lasts for one hour and 15 minutes.

Skoah has two locations in B.C. -- 1011 Hamilton St. in Yaletown and Unit 314 at Metropolis at Metrotown. Phone 1-888-my-skoah or visit

How often do you have to get it done?

Whenever you feel like having a really relaxing hour and being pampered. It was nice being waited on.

Spa details

They play upbeat, relaxing music, rather than hippie stuff. It's really modern and stylish inside.

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