Saturday, July 14, 2007

Ways to Fight Acne

It is a complex problem that is made more complicated by the varying severity of acne from person to person. The diversification of the acne problem (whether minimal or severe) is one of the reasons why acne treatments fill up pharmacy counters today. Although some work better than others, we don’t really know for sure how well a particular acne solution is going to work.

Acne treatments, from store brand to company brand, are everywhere. Sufferers scramble to find the latest trends in acne medicine. A few years ago, cleansing pads were introduced during an era of topical applications. Today, the newer course of action involves seeking out alternative acne remedies as an answer. Many alternative remedies have been proven to do well in curing the skin. Amongst a few alternative acne treatment include natural acne remedies and herbal acne treatments.

Natural treatments claim to have lesser side effects than medications. On the average, natural treatments take longer to work than dermatologist prescribed medications so keep that in mind. Masques and gels form a part of the natural treatment contingent and many of them give off the aura of spa like treatments as well. Today, many natural treatments emphasize the experience of having something cool soothe your face while having healing properties at the same time.

Herbal acne treatments are typically more powerful than natural treatments, but take the same time to work. Alternative acne treatments should be considered for everyone suffering acne. It is a way to avoid the side effects of medication and who knows if it will work for you. It is important to keep in mind that there is little scientific proof that supports the claims of both natural remedies and herbal remedies. Medical solutions will always be backed by scientific proof.

In addition to using alternative acne treatments, it is important to pay attention to your diet. It has been proven that reducing the amount of inflammatory foods leads to less acne. Rubbing tea tree oil and powdered oatmeal into your blemishes have been proven to work as well. Don’t pay attention to the myth that says poor hygiene is the cause of acne. Remember, acne starts beneath the surface of the skin as a result of bacteria and oil buildup. By having the knowledge firsthand on your condition, you are better equipped to acne free skin tomorrow.

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