Saturday, July 14, 2007

How Young is Too Young to Use Anti-Aging Products?

With the sales of anti-aging products continuing to climb, the skin care and anti-aging industries are churning out more creams, serums and lotions than we can count. So why are teens so interested in using the same anti-aging products when they already possess plump, radiant, smooth skin that’s free of fine lines and wrinkles?

For one thing, being a teenager involves caring about personal appearance - as well as being more appealing to the opposite sex. It’s hard for young girls to resist magazines ads, commercials and billboards advertising beauty products that are guaranteed to maintain a youthful and sexy complexion, while snagging the perfect dream guy. With celebrities dishing out their anti-aging beauty secrets, many girls (and guys) want to get a head start to make sure they, too, can look young forever. Even though this may seem like a harmless and even positive change from a parent’s point of view, be cautious of the anti-aging products you allow your teen to buy.

The main items a teenager’s daily skin care routine should consist of are: cleanser, toner, moisturizer and the typical acne or blemish treatments. The use of sunscreen or skin care products containing SPF is vital, as this age group is the most prone to developing skin cancer in later years. The signs of aging and skin damage related to UV rays don’t present itself until much later on in life, so it’s crucial that teenagers make sure they keep their skin protected at all times.

Other than these key items, teen skin doesn’t need much else. However, there are a few anti-aging products that are completely harmless for teens to use:

· Eye Cream: Like adults, teens can suffer from under eye puffiness, irritation and even fine lines. When using an anti-aging eye cream, be sure to read the label and take note of the ingredients. Gentle, natural ingredients are ideal. Make sure the product isn’t formulated for mature skin, as this skin type tends to require higher concentrations and may contain chemicals that are too harsh for young skin.

· Firming Cream/Lotion: Usually meant for sagging, dull skin, teens can also benefit from using firming creams and lotions. There are a number of trusted brands that can be found in the drugstore that won’t irritate or harm a teenager’s skin.

· Microdermabrasion: Whether it’s done professionally or using an at-home kit, microdermabrasion has grown to become popular with people of all ages. Gently exfoliating the top layers of the skin to reveal healthier skin cells, even tone and smooth rough, damaged skin does not pose a threat to teens. If done at home, carefully read the directions and do a patch test first.

Before investing in any anti-aging product, consult with a dermatologist and address any concerns you or your teen may have. As long as you stress the use of sunscreen daily as well as a healthy skin care regimen, your teen’s skin will be perfectly prepped for the long term so keep them away from anti-wrinkles creams, serums, peels, and other products designed specifically for mature skin.

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