Thursday, July 5, 2007

Dry Skin May Be Easier to Handle Than You Think

I have to admit that even I, who spend hours and hours every week delving into the subject of skin care, do not automatically think of men using dry skin care products or even anything other than Irish Spring. So, I was naturally surprised when my son came to visit me for a while and my bathroom was suddenly stocked with a variety of skin care products that I didn’t put there. It was loaded – moisturizers, soaps, cologne, cleansers, tubes and bottles and on and on, and a few different products for dry skin. Obviously he needed some education on the subject of dry skin – how you get it, how you avoid it, and which dry skin care products actually prevent and treat it.

The first step is to go through each of the bottles and tubes and check out the ingredients with the help of an Internet search. Review each ingredient, find out which are carcinogenic, and which would simply exacerbate the dry skin condition.

Chances are, you won’t find one product that doesn’t contain ingredients that dry the skin – even those specifically labeled ‘dry skin care treatment’. Replace those products with a good shielding lotion that keeps moisture in and chemicals out, and you will now have removed a major source of the problem. And you will have completed part of the education on ‘how you get it’ and ‘how to avoid it.’

The next step is to find out about diet. What’s missing? Often it simply comes down to a lack of high quality fats. This one is easy to handle – out go the prepared salad dressings and margarines, and in come the olive oil and fresh, organic butter. It’s surprising how simple handling dry skin can be. A little change in diet, a little change in the skin care routine and you’re on your way. People search for years for products that handle dry skin, trying one product after another. But nothing works as well as a simple change in diet and a shielding lotion product that actually does the job.

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