Thursday, July 5, 2007

The Brazilian Wax

So you have finally decided to take the plunge and get your first Brazilian style bikini wax. A Brazilian bikini wax removes all of the hair in the bikini area, including the crack of the buttocks. The practice of this kind of waxing originated in Brazil, which is where the practice got its name. The wax is performed in a similar way to any other wax, much like a leg wax, but the area is more sensitive. Many women prefer the Brazilian method of bikini waxing because it leaves skin looking and feeling clean. To experience the best results from your wax, follow these simple tips before and after visiting the salon.

Grow your Hair out for Several Weeks before Waxing

If you are used to shaving your bikini line, stop this practice for several weeks to several months before getting a Brazilian wax for the best results. For a clean look and feel, it is important that the hair is long enough to be ripped fully out from the root, or else shorter hair gets left behind leaving the skin looking and feeling patchy.

Keep your Skin Moisturized

Dry skin can end up feeling itchy and irritated after an intensive wax. Be sure to moisturize your skin well before a wax for healthy, soft skin afterwards.

Expect Discomfort

A Brazilian bikini wax is an intense experience. The first time is definitely the hardest, because much of the hair has never been pulled out before, even if you had a less extensive bikini wax in the past. Know that the pain is very temporary, and by the time you leave the salon, you should not feel any discomfort at all.

Allow your Skin to Breathe

After a Brazilian bikini wax, give your skin a chance to breathe and be comfortable. Your favorite pair of painted on jeans may not be the best choice for directly after your first wax. Wear loose fitting clothes and no synthetics, especially if you have easily irritated and

Use Baby Powder to Soothe Skin

Baby powder is soothing to irritated bikini lines. Use some after your wax, and put some on before bed for a night free of irritation due to sweat and friction on the sensitive newly waxed skin.

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thanks for the awesome tips! I didn't know it takes alot of effort to maintain a good brazilian bikini wax