Saturday, June 16, 2007

Skin Care Tips for Summertime Workers

If you are a teen or young adult spending the warm weather in seasonal employment, chances are you are getting some time outdoors. Protect your skincare as you earn that paycheck.

In our previous articles Skin Care Tips for Food Service Workers and Skin Care Tips for Construction Workers , we explored the different aspects of skincare and how it can be helped or hindered by these professions. Now that summer is here and millions of young people are leaving the classrooms and are temporarily entering the working world, it's important to know what is best for your skin as you partake in some of the most popular summer jobs.

Lifeguard As a certified lifeguard, your entire job requires you to spend time under the sun. Even if you are perched under that shaded umbrella, your skin is soaking up more UVA and UVB rays than what is considered healthy by medical standards. Lifeguards are at a higher risk of skin cancer than other summer jobs, so it is vital you protect your skin if this is how you earn your summertime spending money.

Many lifeguard stations provide free sunscreen to their employees. If you are fortunate enough to have this job perk, use it! Wearing sunscreen is the single most important way to guard your skin's health. Covering up can also benefit you. Wear a light t-shirt or terrycloth swim robe over your uniform to shield your body from sunburn. Because lifeguarding is not taken nearly as seriously as other rescue professions such as firefighters and police officers, funding is usually low. This means you have to take responsibility for your own outdoor safety by loading up on skin protectants and wearing sunglasses to prevent fine lines from cropping up around your sensitive eye area.

Camp Counselor If you are working as a camp counselor this year, be sure to pack some bug repellent and cortisone cream to keep itching and biting to a minimum. Always avoid camping skincare products that contain a high level of DEET (Meta-N,N-diethyl toluamide, abbreviated DEET, is an insect-repellent chemical), which has been proven to be dangerous for humans.

Cinnamon oil is a great natural alternative to DEET, and Skedattle© is currently a popular commercial mosquito repellant that is affordable and DEET-free. When working as a counselor, also invest in a quality hand sanitizer. Working in the dirt and sand with children can cause a host of germs and bacteria to set up camp on your skin. Use a hand sanitizer suitable for your skin type and keep it handy with you on those nature hikes.

Swim Instructor Whether you are teaching swim lessons or guiding a tour down white rapids, any aquatic related job will start to dry out your skin. Your skin can become itchy and chlorinated waters will begin to irritate your skin and damage your hair. During the summer months, regularly use a shampoo that contains a chlorine rinse. There are plenty of them available specifically designed for swimmers. You can also use a moisturizing body wash and a leave-in conditioner to bring your body back from the parching punishments it has endured from spending too much time in the water.

Chlorine can also damage your eyes, so be sure to use eye drops if your eyes become dry or irritated. If the problem persists, wear goggles whenever you are in the water and consult your eye doctor for further advice and treatment.

Retail Many teens pick the mall over the great outdoors, and the majority of department stores and boutiques have hired on an extra heavy duty employee roster for the busy summer months. Hanging around an air-conditioned building for extended periods of time can begin to dry and dull your skin.

Bring it back to life with a clarifying cleanser or an exfoliating scrub that will work as a gorgeous skin brightener. Certain cosmetics can also help you reclaim your healthy glow and keep you looking less pale and more alert as the hours behind the counter drag on.

No matter what your summer job, there is something to be done about your skincare. Try a bottle of Pevonia Soothing Sensitive Skin Cream if you are looking for something to tame your temperamental skin in warm weather. For normal skin, bring Kinerase Travel Kit with you to camp or on that next vacation. Finally, treat dry skin with a Peter Thomas Roth Hydrating Nutrient Masque to bring it back up to a level of comfortable moisture.
By Skincare News Team. June 5, 2007


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